Nature Doctors - Pioneers in Naturopathic Medicine

The term “naturopathy” was popularized by Benedict Lust, “father of US naturopathy.” Today we see a revival of naturopathy together with the holistic health movement.

To understand the naturopathic medicine of the present, one must understand its origins. The book "Nature Doctors" distributed by a Portland, Oregon publisher and published with the support of NCNM and “Dedicated to nature doctors everywhere, past, present and future” concentrates on those practitioners most crucial for the development of natural cures and naturopathy.

Among these we find Pastor Erdmann Leopold Emanuel Felke (p. 100-108) who became famous as the "Kneipp of Repelen," the little town in Germany where he established his first Jungborn. Like Kneipp, he was a clergyman who reluctantly became a nature doctor after his special gifts as a healer attracted multitudes of desperate patients. Felke was a practitioner but not a writer or teacher. We know about his methods only through his students and followers.

The spirit of the Jungborn as a natural health retreat is still alive, thanks to Pastor Felke. Pharmaceutical companies such as Hevert continue to use Emanuel Felke’s knowledge today to manufacture homeopathic complex remedies. They combine traditional medicine with modern production methods for the health of patients around the world.

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