Homeopathy Research: State of the Science

Explanatory Models and Theories on Homeopathy’s Mechanism of Action

Homeopathy always triggers strong feelings. This mode of treatment is repeatedly attacked — in most cases non-objectively — in the trade and lay press and media. Opponents have put forward many different arguments, the most frequently cited being the issue of dilution. According to this argument, homeopathic agents are often used whose dilution is so great that it would be mathematically improbable for a single molecule of the active ingredient to still exist. The similarity principle — upon which homeopathy is based — has been critically scrutinized as well.

For years, in theoretical models and experimental approaches, the mechanism of action, i.e., the principles behind the effect of homeopathic remedies, has been examined. A number of positive results have been obtained without the general public becoming aware of them — which certainly could be due to the lack of response by a media that is generally critical of homeopathy. In the next few years, it will be the task of those undertaking homeopathy research to make these and other experimental findings that make the case for homeopathic efficacy more comprehensible using appropriate theories.

In addition to experiments on the mechanism of action, numerous studies have been conducted for years on the efficacy of homeopathic medicines. Critics often claim that there are no positive clinical trial findings supporting homeopathy, but this is simply not true. Approximately 300 clinical trials have now been conducted, many of which have reported positive results and provided evidence validating the efficacy of the examined homeopathic remedies.

Below we will provide an overview of the most important theoretical models being discussed today in homeopathy research, as well as results from clinical research and promising experimental research results.

Part 1: Explanatory models and theories on homeopathy’s mechanism of action

Part 2: Experimental Research on Homeopathy’s Mechanism of Action

Part 3: Clinical research on the efficacy of homeopathy

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