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Foundations of Homeopathy

Samuel Hahnemann, MD (1755 – 1843) is credited with the development of homeopathy (Greek homoion + pathos, meaning “[the cure] is like the disease”), yet this medical system draws on much ...

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Celebrating a Century of Contributions to Homeopathy ...

This year, the town of Bad Sobernheim—in which Emanuel Felke’s eponymous work has been immortalized through statues, a school bearing his name, a museum and several exquisite spa ...

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Nature Cure: Food, Exercise and Mind

This month concludes the three part series on Nature Cure, exploring the contributions of food, exercise (“Physical Culture”) and mental well-being (“Mental Culture”) in both building and ...

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Nature Cure: Water and Light

Nature Cure aims to engage the body’s native healing intelligence, working with natural processes to restore and augment health. Last month’s newsletter began a three-part series on Nature ...

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Hevert donating for earthquake victims in Nepal

Hevert Pharmaceuticals is donating 2,000 Euros for emergency aid in Nepal via the Deutsche Medikamentenhilfswerk (German Medical Aid Organization).

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The Foundations of Nature Cure

This is the first in a three-part series exploring several aspects of Nature Cure. This article discusses the fundamental works that create the basis of the subject, as well as closely ...

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"Herbal Octaves: The Resonance of Plant Medicines

The harmonics of music offer a very helpful paradigm for understanding the more subtle effects of plant medicines. You may have had the experience of striking a note on a piano and hearing ...

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