Hevert Partners with NCNM, Grants $495,000 Award

Five-Year Pledge to Support Residencies, Homeopathic Curriculum and Clinics

Hevert Pharmaceuticals, one of the world's leading manufacturers of homeopathic medicines, is very pleased to announce a five-year partnership with the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM). Hevert has pledged its support of NCNM with a gift of $495,000 that will help provide funding for groundbreaking new college programs through August 2018. This donation will support several initiatives developed jointly by Hevert and NCNM, including The Hevert Naturopathic Residency program, The Hevert Homeopathic Symposium, the development of an accredited Master of Science in Homeopathy Degree, The Hevert Starter Medicinary Program, and The Hevert Collection. The donation also includes an in-kind gift of Hevert products to NCNM's community clinics, valued at $120,000.

Founded in Germany in 1956 by pharmacist Emil Hevert and run today by third-generation President Mathias Hevert, Hevert is an independent, family-owned company dedicated to the development of high-quality naturopathic medicines.

HevertUSA President Wolf Aulenbacher introduced the new partnership by saying, “I have spent my lifetime working with phyto-pharmaceuticals and raised my family under the guiding principles of naturopathy and homeopathy, so it is especially gratifying to me to be able to bring Hevert and NCNM together, not only professionally, in my capacity as CEO, but personally, as a father. HevertUSA’s goal is to preserve the rich legacy of Pastor Emanuel Felke and bring our advanced phyto-pharmaceutical technology to the U.S. We are honored to be in the position to support the many uniquely deserving programs that NCNM brings to the natural health care community and public, and welcome the opportunity to contribute toward the ongoing education, continued advancement and, ultimately, increased adoption of homeopathy in the United States”.

The partnership includes the following programs and initiatives:

The Hevert Naturopathic Residency

Nearly 100% of recent NCNM graduates seek residency opportunities. Although the naturopathic profession is in need of more post-graduate training opportunities, naturopathic medical colleges have not been able to provide financial support for such residencies due to limited budgets. The Hevert Naturopathic Residency is the first of its kind in the United States focused solely on homeopathy. This program will greatly strengthen naturopathic residency opportunities for hundreds of naturopathic graduates across America.

As consumer demands dictate, therapeutic modalities used in the practice of naturopathic medicine are becoming more specialized. Homeopathic specialization is an open frontier for NDs. The Hevert-sponsored Naturopathic Residency will place naturopathic medicine graduates within thriving and cutting-edge naturopathic medical clinics around the country to learn from leaders in the field who have a special clinical interest in homeopathy.

The residency will be accredited through the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). The experience, clinical resources, and mentorship with this collective will launch many professional careers in natural medicine and homeopathy in the years to come.

Sponsorship of the Development of a Regionally Accredited Master of Science Degree in Homeopathy

Hevert is dedicated to supporting the professional development of classical and complex homeopathic professionals. Despite the fact that homeopathy is still not well understood in American society, the efforts of passionate homeopathic providers have kept the practice and philosophy alive and strong in the United States since the early 19th century. Current homeopathy advocates include Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for discovering the AIDS virus, heart surgeon and popular media health educator Dr. Mehmet Oz, as well as thousands of lay and professional practitioners and scores of homeopathic schools across North America.

Homeopathic practitioners can currently pursue national certification through the Council for Homeopathic Certification examination after fulfilling the classroom requirements; however, this certification does not enjoy the benefit of a state-approved academic credential. There is also no Master of Science degree in Homeopathy that is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education.

This newly created accreditation program, sponsored by Hevert, would establish a U.S. Department of Education approved, Regionally Accredited Master of Science Degree in Homeopathy (MSHom), through which Homeopathy would be studied as a bona fide "medical system".

NCNM, with its existing federal and regional accreditation (Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities), is in a unique position to develop and establish a Master of Science in Homeopathy degree. It already offers a certification in homeopathy as part of its accredited Naturopathic Doctorate (ND) program, as well as a range of Continuing Medical Education classes in homeopathy.

Hevert Homeopathic Symposium

The annual three-day Hevert Homeopathic Symposium, to be held at NCNM, will showcase a series of lectures designed to educate and motivate lay practitioners, retailers, and public interested in learning more about homeopathic medicine. The conference will feature several homeopathic experts and encourage the close collaboration of all medical modalities with homeopathic medicine. Symposium presentations will also be available as webinars to medical professionals throughout the United States and Canada, along with up to 30 credits of continuing medical education classes.

The Hevert Starter Medicinary Program

Hevert is pleased to be able to offer The Hevert Starter Medicinary Program through its partner, NCNM. This opportunity helps NCNM graduates serve their patients in clinical practice by equipping them with natural medicine products and remedies from the first day they begin to practice medicine. The intention of the program is to reduce the financial burden of opening a new practice by helping new graduates stock their pharmacies and spread out the costs of the Starter Medicinary kit products over the first year in practice.

Support for the Medically Underserved in NCNM's Community Clinics: Lending a Healthy Hand.

Since 1995, NCNM has delivered preventive healthcare and disease treatment to more than 500,000 patients in need without regard to ability to pay. Patients have received medical care delivered by naturopathic physicians, Chinese medicine practitioners and hundreds of medical students. Hevert is proud to support NCNM’s community programs with its products.

The Hevert Collection

This groundbreaking project brings to light the best of NCNM’s extensive collection of 50 years worth of journals published by renowned homeopathic pioneer, Benedict Lust.

The Hevert Collection will feature a series of clinically relevant topical texts and guarantee that this rich repository of Naturopathic clinical wisdom will never be lost. Comprised of classic articles from the Lust journals that have been carefully curated by Dr. Sussanne Czeranko, ND, this series of 11 books are as vital today for naturopathic physicians as they were when originally published early in the 20th century. The series is entitled “In Their Own Words”.

By making this landmark collection accessible to naturopathic physicians around the world, Hevert hopes to forever strengthen the foundations, traditions and roots of naturopathic medicine in keeping with the powerful work done by Pastor Emanuel Felke and Emil and Dorothea Hevert.

Hevert is extremely honored to be joining NCNM in bringing these landscape-altering initiatives to the medical community and public, and looks forward to a long and productive association with its new partner.

For additional information on Hevert Pharmaceuticals, please click here.

For more on NCNM, please go to www.ncnm.edu .

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