Hevert-Arzneimittel among the winners of the Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises in 2019

Coveted industry prize comes to Nussbaum, Rhineland-Palatinate.

Thomas Buss, Head of HR at Hevert-Arzneimittel, accepts the award on behalf of the family-run company. Photo credit: Boris Löffert, source: Oskar Patzelt Foundation

The motto of this year’s 25th contest for the “Grosser Preis des Mittelstandes 2019,” an award for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany, was “sustainable business.” The Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s Awards Gala for the four competition regions Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland, Lower Saxony/Bremen, North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg in Düsseldorf’s Maritim Hotel on September 28, 2019, was attended by more than 500 business people and numerous invited guests. The Directors of the Oskar Patzelt Foundation, Dr. Helfried Schmidt and Petra Tröger, presented the coveted trophy to 11 companies – including Hevert-Arzneimittel.

Under the motto “sustainable business,” this year’s winners are companies that have shown great entrepreneurial vision to successfully explore new avenues towards sustainability. The prize winners and finalists represent an abundance of entrepreneurial commitment in Germany. Thomas Buss, Head of HR, gladly accepted the award for the naturopathy specialist from Rhineland-Palatinate. “Hevert is a family business with a tradition dating back more than 60 years whose philosophy has always been centered on sustainability, which is consistently promoted across all areas of the company. We are delighted that this commitment is now being rewarded with the “Grosser Preis des Mittelstandes”.

Honoring the achievements of SMEs

For over 25 years now, the Oskar Patzelt Foundation has been working to promote entrepreneurship and SMEs in Germany and raise their public profile. As of December 31, 2018, the 5,399 enterprises nominated for the 25th contest had around a million employees altogether. Over the past five years, they created more than 10,000 new apprenticeship positions and are currently training a total of more than 50,000 young people.

The patrons for the federal states paid tribute to the outstanding achievements of the SMEs and thanked the Oskar Patzelt Foundation for organizing the competition. One of these was Malu Dreyer, Minister President and patron for the competition region Rhineland-Palatinate: “The Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s ‘Grosser Preis des Mittelstandes’ is one of the most important cross-sector competitions for German SMEs. The long-running ‘Mittelstand prize’ has an excellent reputation. The Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s initiative is unique in Germany, and the prize-giving ceremony is organized on an entirely voluntary basis. I would like to give my warmest thanks to the Oskar Patzelt Foundation for its hard work.”

Who are the nominees?

Prize winners and finalists at the Oskar Patzelt Foundation’s Awards Gala in Düsseldorf. Photo credit: Boris Löffert, source: Oskar Patzelt Foundation

The 5,399 enterprises throughout Germany nominated for the “Grosser Preis des Mittelstandes 2019” represent the socially engaged growth elite of German SMEs. They are firms that are innovators, pioneers and drivers of new developments. And they are firms that preserve what should be preserved and pass it onto future generations. They are enterprises that steer their course with strong values, a clear strategy and high flexibility. Enterprises that have experience of coping with crises and structural upheavals, sometimes over generations. They are firms that take care of people and stabilize their home regions and business cycles on a daily basis.

The competition does not judge the nominees according to individual business criteria alone. In a total of five categories, they are judged overall and also with regard to their role in society: The overall development of the company, creation/protection of jobs and training positions, modernization and innovation, commitment to the region, service and customer proximity, and marketing are all examined in detail. Outstanding achievements must be demonstrated in all five categories. If just one category is not fulfilled, the company may be excluded from the further stages of the competition.

Hevert-Arzneimittel was nominated for the second time, this year by Rhineland-Palatinate’s Ministry of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture and by WEIT Führung. It was recognized as a “Finalist” in 2017.

Further information

A list of the companies, banks, and local authorities – sorted by federal state/competition region – recognized this year can be viewed at www.mittelstandspreis.com .

The website also provides further information on the competition, the make-up of the twelve competition regions’ juries, and the Oskar Patzelt Foundation itself.

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