Hevert and NCNM Introduce The Hevert Collection

Historical Book Series Features Collected Works of Naturopathic Pioneer Dr. Benedict Lust

As one of the initial collaborations in the newly formed partnership between Hevert Pharmaceuticals and NCNM, The Hevert Collection: In their Own Words has been released by National College of Natural Medicine’s NCNM Press. This remarkable twelve-volume series unearths and dramatically restores to their original luster the revered writings of founding naturopath Dr. Benedict Lust.

Though naturopathic medicine has come a long way from its humble beginnings in New York City at the turn of the 19th century, much of its early history had been lost. Through the painstaking culling and editing of the best medical literature to be found in the Lust Journals from the last century, and by making these timeless works accessible to naturopathic physicians around the world, the entire medical community has benefited. The collection will forever strengthen the foundations, traditions and roots of naturopathic medicine as well as contribute to the education and professional development of naturopathic physicians in North America and beyond.

As is known to the naturopathic community, Benedict Lust is generally regarded as the foremost pioneer of naturopathy in the United States and commonly acknowledged as the “father of naturopathic medicine” due to his contributions to the advancement of naturopathic formulations and his establishment of the first naturopathic college in the world, the American School of Naturopathy in New York. He also founded the American Naturopathic Association, the first national professional organization of naturopathic physicians. His writings and magazines introduced Americans not only to German naturopathic methods, but also to the Indian concepts of Ayurveda and Yoga. From 1896 until his death in 1945, Lust published professional medical journals in which he and his colleagues wrote extensively about this emerging and exciting new area of practice. In 1986, NCNM received the entire historical collection through a gracious bequest from the Lust family.

This collection has now been brought back to life and relevance through the fortuitous partnering of Hevert and NCNM. Through the dedicated efforts of Dr. Sussanna Czeranko, naturopathic physician and NCNM Library’s rare book curator, the words and wisdom of Benedict Lust and his medical collaborators have been compiled into The Hevert Collection, which recovers the original writings from the Gilded Age and transports them into the present.

Hevert USA President and CEO Wolf Aulenbacher said, “We are extremely pleased to support the resurrection of such an important and historic collection of scientific wisdom and take part in its reissue to the current generation of naturopathic practitioners. Restoring Dr. Lust’s collection to light underscores our mission of bringing natural medicines based on the traditional complex homeopathic research of Pastor Emanuel Felke and Emil and Dorothea Hevert to the practitioner community and public. We commend Dr. Czeranko and NCNM for producing such a beautiful series.”

The first book in the series, In their Own Words: Origins of Naturopathic Medicine is a historical overview of the formative years of the naturopathic profession drawn directly from Lust journals published between 1900 and 1923. Each chapter details key clinical and philosophical issues and other developments of the time that propelled the early practitioners into their practice of medicine, and illustrates the challenges they faced in their struggle to gain a foothold within the conventional mainstream medical establishment. This release restores early lost heritage to naturopathic physicians and other healthcare professionals who are drawn to the simplicity of the medical practices and tools that continue to successfully treat all manner of conditions and illnesses.

Other volumes in the Hevert collection will focus on topics as far ranging as pioneering clinical practices, the development of naturopathic philosophy, dietetics and water therapies. The collected articles present naturopathic medicine as it was practiced a century ago, making the wisdom of the founding American naturopathic physicians accessible to today’s naturopathic practitioners.

The complete series includes:

  • In their Own Words: Origins of Naturopathic Medicine
  • In their Own Words: Philosophy
  • In their Own Words: Principles
  • In their Own Words: Practice
  • In their Own Words: Dietetics
  • In their Own Words: Herbs
  • In their Own Words: Water Cure
  • In their Own Words: Mental Culture
  • In their Own Words: Vaccinations
  • In their Own Words: Physical Culture
  • Clinical Pearls, Volumes I & II

NCNM President David J. Schleich, PhD said, “The Hevert series affirms NCNM’s enduring commitment to the roots of traditional naturopathic medicine by making the best of the early literature available again. NCNM has safeguarded the extraordinary Lust legacy for years under lock and key in our library, where it gathered dust for 27 years. This is the right moment to re-introduce Lust’s journals to a world now open and eager to receive the healing benefits that naturopathy brings to its patients.”

Schleich added that events have brought the German origins of Lust’s work full circle. “It’s ironic indeed that the wealth of wisdom contained in these valuable publications is able to reach the world again with support coming from Lust’s homeland. Benedict Lust emigrated from Germany to America, where his life’s work was to establish the profession of natural medicine. NCNM is now able to publish the priceless wisdom within these many volumes through the partnership and support of Germany’s Hevert Pharmaceuticals, a family-run company dedicated to naturopathy and natural medicines. We are most grateful.”

Editor Czeranko admits the more time she spent locked away in NCNM’s Rare Book Room reading several thousand articles from the past, the more passionate she became about naturopathy’s roots and about the journal’s importance to practicing naturopathic doctors.
Czeranko said, “These books inform the practice of modern naturopathic medicine by taking its practitioners back to the origins of the medicine. We can learn from the early doctors as they convey their confidence and skill in treating many patients who came to them dangerously ill by using the simple tools they passed down to us. I’ve been practicing medicine for nearly 20 years and I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the pioneers of our profession.”

The remaining 11 books of the series will be published successively with an expected completion date of 2016.

Ordering information: To order Volume I of The Hevert Collection, In their Own Words: Origins of Naturopathic Medicine, please visit www.ncnm.edu/origins , call 503.552.1532, or email lburch <AT> ncnm.edu.

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