60 Years Hevert – 60 Years of Expertise in Natural Medicine

Hevert-Arzneimittel is celebrating its 60th anniversary: Since the family-run company was founded in 1956, Hevert has become one of the leading German manufacturers of natural medicines and one of the ten most important manufacturers of homeopathic medicines worldwide. Marcus and Mathias Hevert, the third generation of Managing Directors, take pride in 60 years of successful business history and celebrate the anniversary with their own Hevert brand song.

The Hevert brand song for the 60th anniversary was produced together with Charlie Grant: Marcus, Sarah, and Mathias Hevert with the singer and songwriter from Berlin. Photo: Carsten Costard

In 1956, the pharmacist Emil Hevert founded the company Hevert-Arzneimittel together with his wife Dorothea in the Felke spa town of Bad Sobernheim and dedicated his life and work to naturopathy and the development of natural medicines. The son of the founder, pharmacist Dr. Wolfgang Hevert, was involved in the company’s management from 1972 until his death in 2003. Under him, the company achieved national importance.

Today, in 2016, – with several company sites, distribution partners all over the world, and many more employees – the grandchildren of the company founders, take pride in 60 years of successful company operations. “Our strength, apart from being experts in naturopathic therapy and the production of natural medicines, is our network of clients and partners that has been growing over decades,” explains Managing Director Marcus Hevert.

“For years now, we have been growing faster than the market for non-prescription medicines and are able to assert our position in foreign markets. This success is not only owed to the strong brand ‘Hevert‘ and the quality seal ‘Made in Germany‘ but above all to the high level of commitment from our employees,” adds Co-Managing Director Mathias Hevert.

An Acoustic Thank You

The company wanted to mark the anniversary year by creating a special present for all employees, clients, and partners – the Hevert brand song. “The song ‘By My Side’ was specifically produced for Hevert in cooperation with singer and songwriter Charlie Grant from Berlin and the agency Groves Sound Branding from Hamburg. It is meant to be mood-lifting and also convey the Hevert brand values such as trust and reliability”, explains Managing Director Mathias Hevert. The song as well as the rest of the mini album can be downloaded for free from the Hevert website at www.music.hevert.com .

Hevert would like to thank all employees, clients, and partners for 60 years of successful business in the service of naturopathy!

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