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On Sunday, September 30, Managing Director Mathias Hevert will take part in the Berlin Marathon for the third time. The final preparations are in progress. In the following, he states how he came to running marathon, what motivates him and also gives some helpful advices for others.

Managing Director Mathias Hevert running his first Berlin Marathon (picture 2010). Managing Director Mathias Hevert running his first Berlin Marathon (picture 2010).

Mr. Hevert, you are preparing yourself for the Berlin Marathon. Thinking of a marathon a lot of people say “that’s a hard trial, how can anyone do it voluntarily”? How did you come to running marathon, what is your motivation?

I always loved running, but more in connection with other kinds of sports. When I was younger, I was also used to chasing the school bus once in a while (laughs). Only 5 years ago, I finally discovered running as a sport for me. I realized that it is a good sport for in between – very flexible concerning time planning and also quite challenging. Two years ago, a former fellow student of mine from Switzerland asked me, whether I would like to join him in running the Berlin Marathon. At this time, I thought there were no tickets left and carelessly said that I would take part if he was able to get me a ticket. I could not imagine that he was able to find a travel agency in the Black Forest that still had some tickets left (laughs). Well, so I held the ticket in my hand – only 3 months left before the marathon – kept my word and started with my preparations.

That was two years ago. On September 30 you will take part in the Berlin Marathon for the third time. What do your preparations look like? Do you follow a strict training schedule?

Unfortunately, being Managing Director and at the same time father of a 16 months old daughter does not leave me much spare time for preparing myself professionally. Still, I tried to start running continuously during the last year before the Berlin Marathon. Additionally, I like different kinds of sports like wakeboarding or golf, too. So last summer I did not only go running.

On average, how many kilometers do you run during your trainings sessions? Does it also depend on the time left before the marathon?

Generally, I like to run about 10 kilometers and try to run this course under an hour – my personal best time is about 00:49:00 hours. Often, I run with my daughter lying in her baby buggy. After 15 minutes, at the latest, she falls asleep and is happy to get some fresh air. In the meantime, her mother gets some time off to do different things and I find my sporting balance – a triple-win situation so to say (laughs). With the marathon coming closer, I started to do some longer runs about 21 and 32 kilometers.

During the last preparations for the Berlin Marathon 2012 on September 30 – Mathias Hevert. During the last preparations for the Berlin Marathon 2012 on September 30 – Mathias Hevert.

Did anything change for you since you started running regularly? Do you feel fitter, fresher or more balanced?

By now, I was able to integrate running into my daily routine. It’s getting easier and easier to motivate myself for running. You start to develop a different relation to kilometers. In the beginning, 10 kilometers seem to be a very long distance and later you manage to run those 10 kilometers as a normal distance in the morning. Even distances as 20 or 30 kilometers seem to get manageable for you. That’s a great experience. Furthermore, I simply do feel fitter. After running in the morning, I start fresh and full of energy into the day being at the same time more relaxed.

A lot of people complain that they have no time left to do sports. In the evenings, after work, it’s often too late, in the morning still too early. Do you have any advices for others that help them to overcome their 'inner laziness?'

My advice is to always have your sports things available or preferably to get into them directly after waking up in the morning. Once you sit with your sports clothing in the kitchen having a final cup of coffee, what I would always recommend to readily wake up, the probability that you really go for a run will be much higher than when first having to search for your stuff. Even after work you’ll be able to get your circulation going again. Running has been proved to release endorphins, feel-good hormones, which then make you start fresh and in a good mood into the evening hours and your free time instead of falling exhaustedly onto the couch in front of the TV. Furthermore, it might help to register for a competition for example a 12 kilometer course in a beautiful area or city, as you then know what to train for.

And this city has always been Berlin for you?

That’s right. So far, I did not take part in any other competition. Even today, it’s most fascinating for me to run through a city. I could also imagine taking part in the San Francisco Marathon. On the one hand, this is due to the many visitors cheering you up, the different bands playing on the outskirts, and, on the other hand, due to the varying Skyline of a city that keeps you busy. Moreover, Berlin is my “chosen home” which is why I especially like to take part in this marathon and getting cheered up from Berliners. Especially, if you are part of the last ones running you’ll get cheered up extra loudly what I learned during my first marathon (laughs).

Are there any Hevert products that you use during your preparation for the marathon?

Yes, indeed, I regularly use Dolo Hevert Roll-On for the muscles and, of course, Sinusitis Hevert SL as well as Echinacea in case a cold is on its way. What is important is that all Hevert products are doping-free and are partly on the Kölner Liste®.

Do you already have a strategy for the run on September 30?

My strategy? I hope that I’ll find one within the next days (laughs). In any case, I’ll start out together with some friends of mine. We’ll run at least some kilometers side by side – what can be a further motivation. Additionally, I placed myself into a starting block with the target time 3:40:00 hours trying to keep up with the speed of this group. My personal best time last year was 4:00:42 hours. This time I like to undercut and so far I am confident to manage it. Still, the most important thing is taking part! The event itself is a lot of fun and it’s not only about the finishing time. Taking part in the marathon itself is a great experience.

The logo of the Hevert race jersey. The logo of the Hevert race jersey.

Are you going to wear the Hevert race jersey “Healthy with Homeopathy” during the marathon again?

Of course (laughs). A little bit of promotion for the good cause is necessary!

Herr Hevert, we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Interview: Annegret Bauer

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