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Hevert is committed to the conservation and continuously optimizing its processes for the careful use of natural resources.

For years, Hevert-Arzneimittel has been actively committed to environmental protection and sustainable business practices. The core of Hevert's holistic corporate philosophy is a protective, partnership-based interaction with nature, which the company depends on to provide the majority of the active ingredients used in Hevert products.

Video on the cultivation of medicinal herbs at Hevert

Hevert homeopathic medicinal products contain around 30 different species of fresh plants that are purchased by the company in amounts ranging from a kilogram to a ton. The plants are then processed into original mother tinctures. In 2014, Hevert-Arzneimittel began cultivating its own medicinal plants at the company headquarters in Nussbaum. In the future, the fresh plants required for manufacturing medicinal products will increasingly be supplied by the company’s own cultivation program. In addition to gathering expertise on the growth, care and harvesting of medicinal plants, quality assurance is of paramount importance.

"Production in harmony with man and nature". Following this principle, special emphasis was placed in the mid-1990s, with the construction of the new headquarters in Nussbaum, on employee-friendly, light-flooded work spaces and a discreet but effective integration into the natural surroundings of fields and vineyards. By constructing a large park with ponds and paddocks and by planting vegetation on all of the roofs, the building was incorporated harmoniously into the landscape.

An insect hotel in the park now also provides sanctuary for the smallest beneficial organisms. The hotel has numerous “rooms” filled with various natural materials, such as leaves, straw, pine cones, and spruce wood with small holes. This sunny, somewhat protected location has just the right spot for every type of insect. Beehives have been situated next to the popular insect hotel. With its big park, vineyard, and blooming field of medicinal plants, the Hevert premises are perfect for accommodating all sorts of insects. Beekeeping and the insect hotel are great additions to the environmental plan to stabilize the small ecosystem surrounding company headquarters. Insects – especially bees and bumblebees – pollinate crops and other plants. Most importantly, the insect hotel and beehives raise awareness among the many groups of visitors for the sensitivity of ecosystems. A beehive in the leafy garden at Hevert's Berlin office also creates a buzz. A charity called Stadtbienen (Urban Bees) looks after the bee population on behalf of the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

renewable energy sources

In 2006, the greened roof of the highly modern pharmaceutical building was enhanced with a photovoltaic system. In the implementation of the system, which provides just under 33 kW at peak performance, Hevert was committed to working with companies from the region since there was already a lot of experience in the Nahe Valley with photovoltaics due to the favorable geographical location as a sunny region. Hevert itself only uses electricity derived 100 percent from renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power, thus making its contribution to the energy revolution.


In 2008, Hevert-Arzneimittel was one of 16 pilot businesses that participated in EffCheck, a project to increase resource efficiency in the company, and was able to implement, on the basis of the results, extensive measures to protect the environment. With a large-scale consolidation of the company’s IT infrastructure, power savings of 30 percent were achieved by reducing the number of servers by 80 percent. By installing motion detectors and switching to halogen lights, a power savings of 30 percent in office lighting was achieved. A new ecological air conditioning system was installed in the administration building in Nussbaum. As large as the investment for this was, the benefit for the company and the environment was just as large since the new air conditioning system meets the highest technological and ecological standards.

Hevert employees have been surfing sustainably with the search engine Ecosia since 2019. Ecosia invests 80% of its profits in worldwide reforestation programs. On average, 45 searches fund one tree. The search engine is pre-installed as the standard search engine on all Hevert computers, making it another small part of the family-run company's sustainability concept.

Hevert is constantly looking for environmentally-friendly substitutes for conventional methods in the manufacture of medicinal products, too: In 2011, steps were taken to switch the alcohol used in the production of medicines to ethanol produced using controlled organic farming methods. Our mother tinctures are now being produced using organic alcohol 96% Ph. Eur. which is extracted from special wheat cultures. Once fermented, distilled and rectified it meets all pharmaceutical standards of conventional alcohol. The only difference is how the wheat is grown: Absolutely no genetically modified organisms, pesticides or highly soluble mineral fertilizers are used. Hevert is currently working to eliminate palm oil from its tablet products and is looking for bioplastic alternatives for packaging materials.

For paper products, Hevert is committed to using paper and cardboard materials obtained from sustainable forest management and which contain the highest content of recycled paper possible. Our most recent measure was to switch over, for all Hevert product packaging and package inserts, to FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) mixed paper.


When printing advertising and information materials, as well as all product packaging, Hevert uses printers certified by natureOffice . The natureOffice process for climate-neutral printing calculates all CO2 emissions arising during the production of printed materials and compensates for this by purchasing recognized climate protection certificates.


In its daily mailings, Hevert uses the GoGreen shipping service of the German Post/DHL. The objective of the GoGreen shipping service is to measure the CO2 emissions resulting from the transport and processing of mail and to compensate for them with climate protection projects. Even the packing material used in all Hevert shipping packages comes from sustainable resources. For years, Hevert has been using packing material made from the renewable raw material corn starch, which can be disposed of as organic or household waste.

Hevert-Arzneimittel has been using a heavy goods vehicle powered by natural gas for transportation between the sites in Bad Sobernheim and Nussbaum. Natural gas is clearly superior to conventional fuels in terms of environmental performance, and is used as an environmentally friendly alternative to petrol and diesel.

As a rule, Hevert employees try to travel to business meetings by train or other public transport or to avoid unnecessary travel and conduct video or telephone conferences with partners. If this is not possible, employees fall back on the Hevert company car fleet which consists of very fuel-efficient car models. In order to drive as sustainably as possible, each employee takes part in eco-driving training organized and financed by the company. The driving technique of the eco-driving method has many benefits. It can lower fuel consumption permanently by 15-20 percent and cuts accidents in half. In addition to the low fuel consumption, Hevert can reduce its emissions by providing a VW e-Golf, an e-up, and E-bikes for business journeys between the sites. In the context of occupational health management, in conjunction with its partner Bikeleasing, the family-run company has been giving employees the opportunity to lease bicycles as company bikes since 2019. If flights must be booked, an emission calculator is used to determine how many climate gasses the trip causes and a corresponding financial contribution for a recognized climate protection project is made. Since 2016, all events hosted by Hevert are climate-neutral. This means, all emissions that result from the event and cannot be prevented or reduced in advance to the event will be compensated by planting trees via our partner “Plant-for-the-Planet”.

For several years, through the Hevert Foundation, Hevert-Arzneimittel has supported Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.- NABU, which has advocated for the preservation of the diversity of our native flora and fauna for over 100 years. Hevert would like to help NABU successfully advocate for man and nature.

In addition to the cost-free fruit, vegetables and beverages that Hevert employees are offered daily, meals for guests and the food at company events have now been switched to organically grown products. Wherever possible, Hevert tries to obtain regionally produced food. Modern water filters in all break rooms provide all employees with unlimited access to drinking water, thus reducing the use of PET bottles at the workplace, for instance.

When it comes to building cleaning, too, Hevert-Arzneimittel pays attention to sustainability. All cleaning products used at the company are very environmentally friendly. The ingredients contained in the products are produced from sustainable raw materials and are especially easily biodegraded.

In 2015, Hevert-Arzneimittel organized the first organic Christmas market in the region to raise more awareness for the topic of “sustainability”.

To give expression to the numerous Hevert activities for naturopathy and environmental protection, the "We love Nature" campaign was started and an attractive logo was drafted in-house. Since then, the logo has adorned Hevert work apparel made from organic cotton. The company's connection with nature is also widely communicated to customers via the claim "I love Nature" found on numerous promotional gifts. This way, Hevert hopes to foster a better understanding of the topics of naturopathy and sustainability in people in an attractive manner and to find many like-minded people in its efforts to create a better world.

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