Hevert management principles

Cooperation and trust

Our collaboration is based on trust, transparency, team spirit and motivation to succeed. We can achieve great success only if we all pull together! As managers, our job is to harmonize the interests of individuals with the interests of the company. We actively listen to our employees, talk openly about problems, and work through conflicts until we find a solution.

Entrepreneurial thinking and actions

Responsibilities need to be clearly defined. We therefore set clear responsibilities to ensure that every individual contributes to our shared success. We rely on each employee to take responsibility, and we encourage independent thinking, working, and decision-making. We inspire employees to think outside the box, demonstrate a pioneering spirit, and see mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

Strategy- and goal-oriented management

Management involves making decisions. The Hevert mission statement and the Hevert strategy form the basis for these decisions. We derive from them the goals of both the company and its employees. By continuously engaging in dialog, we can help employees understand our goals and guiding principles. We implement the decisions made together and define priorities that we must adhere to.

Personnel development and appraisal

By giving constructive feedback and fair appraisals, we promote and honor our pursuit of success. We measure success by the achievement of goals. We help our employees reach their potential and make the most of their skills. Together, we identify the need for training, and we actively support further development. With our management culture, we create a motivational working environment and take care to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Innovation and learning

We embrace diversity in the way we think and promote a life-long learning process in order to continuously improve products and processes throughout all areas of the company. Creativity is the driving force behind our company’s success, which is why we encourage our employees to show initiative and develop their own ideas.

Together we are naturally successful

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