Hevert’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report Highlights Commitment to Society and Nature

Hevert-Arzneimittel has published its 11th Corporate Social Responsibility Report. For more than a decade, the family company from Nussbaum has been doing this to show the importance of its environmental activism at both a regional and international level. A core issue in 2021 was its path to becoming a climate-neutral company. Although Hevert continued to grow in 2021, it further reduced its consumption of resources this year as well. The report can be viewed here .

Hevert employees in the medicinal plant field

Hevert has been publishing its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report for more than ten years. This was a voluntary decision from the start, because the mid-sized family-run company is not subject to a reporting requirement. “So we’re not just jumping on the bandwagon: We want to have a hand in shaping the change,” says Marcus Hevert, who is the company’s third-generation managing director together with his brother Mathias. By doing so, Hevert wants to set an example and inspire others to be greener and to reduce their consumption of resources while always questioning their social responsibility. The report’s format is based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.

Climate-neutral outlook

Extreme weather conditions are affecting people’s lives ever more frequently – even in Germany. In summer 2021, devastation was wrought by heavy rainfall in parts of Rhineland-Palatinate. Hevert immediately made donations, of cash and medical supplies, to help the victims.

Hevert’s credo is that while individual help was and is important, long-term projects are needed as well to sustainably improve the environment. That’s why the family business took another key step for more environmental protection last year: “Together with a climate protection agency, we have voluntarily produced a carbon footprint report that shows how much carbon dioxide is released by Hevert’s business activities. Emissions that we cannot prevent are offset by our support for international conservation projects,” said Olga Rolnik, Head of Environmental Management at Hevert. Hevert has now been certified as climate-neutral company since the start of 2022 – another element of the naturopathy specialist’s consciously green approach.
Hevert particularly scored sustainability points in the manufacture of two preparations in 2021: The compressibility of Sinusitis Hevert SL and Calmvalera Hevert tablets was optimized, thereby making their production greener as well. This was made possible by a new pharmaceutical excipient mixture.

Mathias Hevert, co-Managing Director and a member of Hevert’s CSR working group, is proud of these developments: “Even though we continued to grow in 2021, we have scaled back our emissions. We define success not by the achievement of financial goals, but by taking ecological and social responsibility.”

Climate protection projects worldwide

Through its partner natureOffice, Hevert is sponsoring a climate protection project in each of Togo, Kenya and Brazil to offset its unavoidable carbon emissions. Mathias Hevert personally traveled to Togo to see the conservation project in action just a few weeks ago. There, the natural reforestation of originally barren land will now capture 15 metric tons of CO2 per hectare per year. Besides climate protection, this initiative also creates employment for the local population and thus improves their lives. “I am utterly delighted with the natureOffice project in Togo,” said Mathias Hevert on his return. “Projects like these make a meaningful contribution to global environmental protection and the local people.”

Further information on the climate protection projects funded by Hevert can be found here .

Hevert’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report can be accessed here .

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