Keep Calm with Calmvalera

Find peace of mind with Calmvalera. Especially for women who are often stressed out, the natural medicine works quickly and is well tolerated, making it a great option. The new Calmvalera advertising campaign from Hevert-Arzneimittel started in March 2019 in Germany.

Calmvalera’s new look with an extensive advertising campaign in Germany.

Men also get stressed out a lot, but let's be honest: Who takes care of the home and looks after the children – often in addition to a professional career? Most of the time, it’s women who suffer under this double burden. They feel inner restlessness and suffer from tension during the day, which results in them not getting a good night’s rest. Even well-intentioned suggestions like “Don’t stress out about it!” do not solve the problem. Relaxation techniques, such as yoga, can be helpful, but the effect often does not last long or there is just not enough time to do it in the first place. To escape the vicious cycle of stress, insomnia, and tension, they then ask their pharmacist for help.

Naturopathic medicine like Calmvalera could be a good choice, so that our bodies do not have to be burdened with more chemicals in stressful times. Calmvalera works quickly (1), is well tolerated and non-habit-forming, and does not affect your ability to concentrate. Calmvalera's product name says just what it’s for: “calm” for peace of mind and “valera” – short for valeriana (Latin for valerian), a medicinal plant known for its soothing and sleep-aiding effects.

Calmvalera contains nine natural ingredients that are naturally effective and promise well-being – day and night. The calming effect (within 90 minutes!) was confirmed in a clinical study.1 In Germany a new communication campaign started in March 2019: “Keep calm with Calmvalera” The motif of the campaign shows a woman with her trusty companion (a golden retriever) outdoors. Both of them are relaxing at a lake, immersed in golden light and letting the calmness of nature work its magic. Merely looking at the image has a calming effect.

Getting the perfect image wasn’t easy. The Hevert team partnered with a creative agency and started their search. They found the lake location easily, but just before the shoot, the water level was so low, the pier was left high and dry. A new pier was quickly and spontaneously built at another spot. The model's spontaneous decision to cut her hair short led to an emergency visit to the hairdresser. And then Harvey the golden retriever jumped into the water and had to be blow-dried. At the end of the long day, however, the perfect image was achieved and the new communication theme was ready.

Hevert-Arzneimittel’s Calmvalera is available in German pharmacies as tablets or drops, and does not require a prescription. You can find more information at .

1 Dimpfel et al. Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science 2016; 6: 404–431

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Calmvalera® Tablets. The indications are derived from the homeopathic remedy profiles. They include: restlessness and sleep disorders due to nerves. For risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Important note: All information is based on the marketing authorization of the medicinal product in Germany.

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