Hevert – In the Tradition of Pastor Felke

The company was founded in 1956 by Emil Hevert and his wife Dorothea as "Hesopharm Pharmazeutische Erzeugnisse" (Hesopharm Pharmaceutical Products) in Sobernheim, a small town in the sunny wine region of the Nahe River.

Early years

Company founder Emil Hevert

Originally from the Rhineland, the pharmacist had supervised distribution for the pharmaceutical company Mauch-Göppingen some years before he decided in 1956, together with his wife, to build their own pharmaceutical company in Sobernheim. The goal was economic independence and the ambitious plan to put his many years of experience into making his own products.

Through his work at Mauch Emil Hevert had become familiar with the procedures and remedies of the famous naturopath Pastor Emanuel Felke. Felke had been close friends in his later years with the founder of Mauch, the pharmacist Dr. Richard Mauch, and had had him produce his "Felke-Complexmittel" (complex remedies) since 1922-23.

It is not by chance that Hevert was founded where it was – Sobernheim was where Felke's practice was located for many years. The Felke Association, which was formed from the many Felke societies, and which Emil Hevert helped found, was also located there. Building on this tradition, "Felke's city", as it is also called, received the status of a spa town in 1995 and has been called "Bad" Sobernheim since then. To this day, Bad Sobernheim, with its spa hotels, is the center for Felke therapy which uses the well-known natural remedies of light, air, water, clay and a natural food diet in addition to homeopathy.

Pastor Emanuel Felke Monument in Bad Sobernheim

Through his extensive connections to therapists in the field of naturopathy and his many years of experience with medicinal products, it was possible for Emil Hevert to put together a selected range of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicinal products for the new family business. Many of the formulas originate from former students of Pastor Felke and are still a part of the Hevert product range today.

Now Hevert was a "newcomer" among the already well-established manufacturers of natural remedies and he had to create a name for himself, slowly at first. Only through great personal commitment and the tireless support of his wife, Dorothea, was it possible for Emil Hevert to build up his business of manufacturing and selling his own products and continue to manage the distribution of the medicinal products of other manufacturers.

Unfortunately, he was not granted long to see his own company grow. He died in 1957 at the age of 56, leaving behind his wife and two sons, Wolfgang and Uwe, who were 10 and 2 years old.

Hevert becomes established

Dorothea Hevert

Following the premature death of her husband, the young widow Dorothea Hevert had to continue to manage and build the company in order to ensure a living for herself and her two sons. The capable daughter of a farming family, she did this by cultivating the contacts established by her husband with traditional healers, doctors and pharmacists with great perseverance and skill, and saw to the distribution of the medicinal products herself. Although she undertook long journeys through all of Germany for this purpose, she also oversaw production, which, with the help of a female pharmacist and a few employees, took place on the ground floor of the family home.

Through her close contact with therapists, it was possible to complement the product range further with homeopathic and phytotherapeutic preparations proven in practice, and soon the production facility in her house had to be expanded by putting on an addition. By selectively addressing influential therapists and working groups such as iridologists and the Felke Association, Dorothea Hevert was able to establish the Hevert products in the market and secure a loyal following for the company.

After a long legal battle with the Helopharm company in Berlin, the name "Hesopharm" was abandoned in 1963 and the company was renamed "Hevert Pharmazeutische Erzeugnisse" (Hevert Pharmaceutical Products).

In 1972, Wolfgang, the eldest son, joined the company's management at her side and began to take the destiny of the company in hand as its production manager. Wolfgang Hevert had studied pharmacy in Berlin with a view to his future role in the family business and completed his doctorate there.

Production building in Bad Sobernheim

Together with his mother, he put all his energy into building the company and expanding its production capacities, so that the company was able to move out of the family house on Kirchstrasse and into a new production and administration building on Eckweilerstrasse in Sobernheim in 1975. This building, which would be the Hevert headquarters for over 20 years, had been built according to the pharmaceutical standard of GMP guidelines and provided 1400 square meters of space.

In the mid-1970s, Hevert reinforced its presence at important natural health trade shows and conventions and soon began to offer its own seminars.

Hevert-Arzneimittel exhibition booth

After the youngest son, Uwe Hevert, joined the company in 1984 as its marketing manager, the legal framework of the company, which had continued to be managed as a sole proprietorship, was too confining. Therefore, in 1986, the company incorporated as a GmbH & Co. KG. under the joint management of Dorothea, Wolfgang and Uwe Hevert.

Wolfgang Hevert worked, in addition to his work as a pharmacist at the company, to master the therapeutic side of the application of medicinal products as well. And so he also completed medical school in Mainz and then spent several years in private practice as a general practitioner specializing in naturopathic treatment in Wiesbaden, receiving his doctorate in 1984.

At the company, after the move to the production facilities on Eckweilerstrasse, he devoted himself especially to the expansion of the product range, which soon included, in addition to oral homeopathic complex remedies and single remedies, phytopharmaceuticals and medicinal teas, also numerous formulas that he had developed for injectable homeopathic preparations.

The wide range of treatment concepts developed by Dr. Hevert at that time were tailored entirely to the needs of physicians specializing in naturopathic treatments and alternative health practitioners. Only in the second half of the 1980s did Hevert begin to target the product range more toward pharmacies and the growing self-medication market.

High-bay warehouse in Bad Sobernheim

The new German drug law (AMG) adopted in 1976 would have far-reaching consequences for the Hevert company. The AMG, which came into effect on January 1, 1978, introduced a mandatory approval procedure for all medicines and required pharmaceutical companies to retroactively submit all products that had been on the market before that date for testing for quality, efficacy and safety in order to obtain final approval, which is referred to as re-registration.

By the mid-1980s, because of the rapid growth of the company and the large product range offered, the main building in Sobernheim was no longer large enough, and so a high-bay warehouse was built in the nearby industrial park and Hevert moved there in 1986.

Establishment and development under Dr. med. Wolfgang Hevert

Dr. med. Wolfgang Hevert

In 1990, Dr. Hevert assumed the sole management of the company as Managing Director.

In the following years, his work went hand in hand with the effort to re-register the company’s products, which had permeated his entrepreneurial and political activities since 1978. Because a large number of Hevert preparations were based on old tried and tested formulas and had been on the market before 1978, these products had received only a fictitious approval and had to go through a re-registration process regulated by the German federal health authority (and later the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices).

So it fell to Dr. Hevert to make the large product range of the Hevert company fit for the future and to not accept the impending shakeout and culling of proven natural healing remedies without a fight. Not only for his own company, but for the whole homeopathic and herbal medicine market, he campaigned on all fronts for a liberal definition of the legal framework and for the preservation of the largest possible diversity of therapeutic products and active ingredients.

Hevert headquarters in Nussbaum

The crowning moment and proof of the Hevert company's success was the opening of a new, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical facility in 1996. The impressive new production and administration building has been the headquarters of the company since then. It is surrounded by vineyards and a park designed by Dr. Hevert himself, and located in Nussbaum, a neighboring community of Bad Sobernheim.

A complete surprise to all, Dr. Wolfgang Hevert died on March 20, 2003 of heart failure, shortly before his 56th birthday. With energy, a willingness to take risks, vision and great dedication, he turned the pharmaceutical company Hevert into a prestigious and important company in the field of naturopathy. The driving force behind his life’s work was to provide therapists, pharmacists and patients with useful medicines and to fight for the success of naturopathy at the professional and political levels.

Family business in the third generation

Managing Director Mathias Hevert and his siblings and fellow shareholders Marcus (member of the management team since 2014) and Sarah Hevert

Since 2003, the Hevert-Arzneimittel has been led by Mathias Hevert of the third generation. The eldest son of Dr. Wolfgang Hevert is committed to the goal of further expanding the leading position of the family-run company in the German naturopathy market and to make Hevert one of the world's leading companies for naturopathy. Mathias Hevert and his brother Marcus have headed up the management team together since 2014.

The decision to open another site was a further milestone in Hevert-Arzneimittel's history of success. The company added another location in 2017 with its office in Berlin. Hevert's Berlin office serves as a space for discussion with policy makers, customers, business partners, and opinion leaders and is also an attractive location for employees.

The company has been a symbol of naturopathic expertise for over 60 years now.

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