Video on the cultivation of medicinal herbs at Hevert-Arzneimittel - From Plant to Medicine in a 200-Meter Beeline

Ensuring the quality of our raw materials, broadening our expertise in naturopathy, and environmental protection are the three main reasons why Hevert cultivates its own medicinal herbs. In 2014, the first field of medicinal herbs at our company headquarters in Nussbaum was planted with European goldenrod. In 2018, an additional field and a greenhouse with numerous medicinal herbs were added.

Managing Director Marcus Hevert and Head of R&D Pia Schmidt inspect the cultivation of medicinal herbs at company headquarters.

During flowering season, a bright and colorful sea of plants delights both visitors and employees of the company. The bees and other insects at Hevert also enjoy the variety of plants. Would you like to see for yourself how Hevert cultivates its own medicinal herbs? You can find a short video here .

Since 2014, select medicinal herbs – those that are particularly important for manufacturing at Hevert-Arzneimittel – have been cultivated at Hevert’s company headquarters in Nussbaum. This year, for example, medicinal herbs such as mullein, with its round, bright yellow blossoms; red coneflower, also known as echinacea; unmistakable marigolds; and motherwort were cultivated here.

Cultivating its own medicinal herbs allows the pharmaceutical company to further ensure the quality of the raw materials for its products as well as continue to broaden its expertise in naturopathy. “It's only a 200-meter beeline between the seeds and the finished pharmaceuticals. Quality assurance is completely up to us,” said Managing Director Marcus Hevert.

All raw materials – including the medicinal herbs that Hevert cultivates itself – are inspected for quality before use in manufacturing. The identity of the plant is tested, as well as the amount of active ingredient, the purity and microbiological quality, and any pesticide residues, heavy metals, and aflatoxin. These are all standard tests. This means that even if no pesticides are used during cultivation, it is still tested in order to be able to prove the absence of pesticides, such as for external audits.

The demand for raw materials at Hevert is growing, thanks to increasing sales. That is why we are planning for a gradual expansion of our cultivation of medicinal herbs in the future.

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