Together for Children - at Home or in far away Africa

Over the last few months, a childcare building was constructed at the premises of the Hevert headquarters with a remarkable eye for detail. With immediate effect, children and grandchildren of Hevert employees can be taken care of either full time or during vacation in the Hevert nursery. The specialist in naturopathy was particularly happy about the renowned architect and professor Francis Kéré taking part in the grand opening of the Hevert nursery. The anual presentation of cheques for the campaign "Together for Children" in order to support Kéré's school construction project named "Schulbausteine für Gando" took also place in front of the setting of the new childcare building.

Over the last few months, a childcare building was constructed at the premises of the Hevert headquarters with a remarkable eye for detail. Foto: Gregor Schuster

Together for Children

The cheque for Euro 25.000 is meant to further advance the work of the architect - a generous sum which the pharmaceutical company was able to collect over the last few months by its campaign "Together for Children" donating a percentage to the association for each package of medicine purchased. Francis Kéré insisted on taking the floor in order to provide a small insight into his work in Burkina Faso to the audience. Over few years, he and his non-profit association "Schulbausteine für Gando" had been able to build up a school complex in his home village Gando in Burkina Faso, West Africa, basically out of thin air. First, they had completed a primary school followed by a library as well as a secondary school which today provides a chance to native children to obtain a High School degree equivalent without having to leave neither their village nor their families. Now, with the extension of the school building to a High School complex it is important that this complex is completed by a building of modern sanitary facilities. In his speech Kéré emphasized that hygiene is the key to a healthy population of the village.

"In the past, I was the first child of my village that was allowed to visit a school," Kéré explained. "I'm happy and proud to now see that more and more children have the chance to get more out of life, to go to school and thus, to open the door to different professions. We're glad that Hevert has been our faithful companion in this project since 2006."

The inauguraion of the Hevert nursery with presentation of cheques for "Schulbausteine für Gando". Foto: Manfred Petzholdt

Childcare for Hevert Children

Not only in Burkina Faso Hevert-Arzneimittel does support children: Following the presentation of cheques, the Hevert shareholders Sarah, Marcus and Mathias Hevert inaugurated the Hevert childcare building. The beautiful timber house is located right on the premises of the pharmaceutical company in Nussbaum. Ms Sölvy Brakhuis will take care of the children as a day nanny.

"I am myself father of a small daughter and often get to know the difficulties parents have to face in order to reconcile family and professional life," Managing Director Marcus Hevert stated. Grandmother or day nanny are unexpectedly otherwise obliged and long weeks of school vacations end up in a logistical challenge. "We are proud that we are able to support our working mothers and fathers and to provide children with a great play paradise."

The inauguration of the Hevert nursery was accompanied by the primary school of Monzingen with which Hevert has cooperated since 2011.

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