Effective by nature - Hevert's 2014 Sustainability Report

Daycare center for children of Hevert employees, medicinal herb cultivation and electric mobility - the CSR team of Hevert-Arzneimittel and its working groups are looking back on an eventful year 2014. The newly published Hevert Sustainability Report 2014 shows which specific aims and measures are lying? behind the sustainability strategy.

Mathias and Marcus Hevert at the medicinal herb field

"Over the last years, we invested a lot of time in analyzing where we can become even more sustainable as a company and which initiatives we could further support as they fit us well", stated Mathias Hevert, managing director of Hevert-Arzneimittel. "The principles for this are set out in the Hevert mission statement. Herein, mission, vision and values are anchored. Together with the development of a sustainability strategy, the mission statement has significantly contributed to strengthen our internal and external identity as a social and family-friendly company in close touch with nature."

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) stands for responsible corporate action. Through this, the family business makes a voluntary contribution to sustainable growth that exceeds statutory requirements.

"The year 2014 for us was a milestone concerning employee development," Co-managing director Marucs Hevert added. A carefully designed daycare center was built on the premises of Hevert-Arzneimittel between spring and summer 2014. "We take great pride in supporting parents and grandparents by accommodating and caring for their children, and offering the little ones a paradise of fun." The children and grandchildren of Hevert employees now can be cared for at the Hevert Daycare Center in the daytime, including vacation periods, with the help of a childcare provider. The daycare center has plenty of space for playing, running around and crafting. Creativity has no boundaries. Activities in the large garden with a sandbox and play tower, plus regular walks to the Hevert petting zoo around the corner, ensure that lots of time is spent in the fresh air.

The Hevert mission statement

Electric mobility characterized the spring of 2014: Since then, two e-bikes complete the company car pool. "With three headquarters - two in Bad Sobernheim, one in Nussbaum - business trips between the different sites? are part of the daily routine," Görg Becker, head of the CSR working group for environmental management, explained. His team had promoted the topic of electric mobility for months. "The bikes with electric support may be used by employees as an alternative to the car at short distances. Since the beginning of 2015, we also have an e-Golf for longer distances."

Affinity with nature further characterized the spring and summer 2014: Hevert-Arzneimittel started its own medicinal herb cultivation at the company headquarters in Nussbaum. "Since May 2004, we are tending a small medicinal herb garden at the open-air museum in the neighboring village of Bad Sobernheim. This experience now helps us with the own cultivation," Mathias Hevert stated Hevert homeopathic medicinal products contain around 30 different species of fresh plants that are purchased by the company in amounts ranging from a kilogram to a ton. The plants are then processed into original mother tinctures. "The fresh plants required for production of the medicinal products will in future also come increasingly from the company's own cultivation program. In addition, we will further rely on contract cultivation of fresh plants and wild plant collections," Hevert added.

Read more about the different CSR activities and milestones of the year 2014 in the Hevert Sustainability Report .

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