Strengthening the Identity of the Family Business

With immediate effect, the medium-sized specialist of naturopathy Hevert-Arzneimittel is now being run by a dual leadership: Marcus Hevert supports his brother Mathias in the board of management.

Family business relies on dual leadership: Marcus Hevert (r.) supports his brother Mathias Hevert in the board of management. Foto: Gregor Schuster

While Mathias Hevert is still responsible for Marketing, Sales, Export and Science as well as national and European politics, he transfers responsibility for Production, Logistics, Administration and regional politics to his brother Marcus. The Quality Department is lead by both of the brothers. Both have a business administration background.

Since January 1st 2014, Marcus Hevert had been formally appointed managing director. After his return from the United States in August, where he had stayed for six months and taken over the responsibility for the daily work of the Hevert US-office as well as for the cooperation with an US-University, he now took over operational work in Germany. In the future, the responsibility for the US-office will further be in his hands.

"I'm very happy about my brother's support," Mathias Hevert stated. "Together we'll be able to be even more efficient and successful in the future and to accelerate the growth of our company further. Above all, the increasing complexity caused by our growing export business as well as by the development of our German sales team made this strengthening of the management necessary."

"We are proud of being a family-owned company. Together, we will not only be able to accomplish a lot more but also to strenghten our identity as a family business," Marcus Hevert added. "I'm happy and proud of working on this ends from now on side by side with my brother."

Currently, Hevert-Arzneimittel is preparing market entries to selected European countries as well as India and is working on the extension of its sales team. At the same time, the company expands its US-business and works on a large-scale training series at the headquarters in Nussbaum.

In 1956, Dorothea and Emil Hevert founded the company Hevert. After being led by Dr. Wolfgang Hevert, sole owner and son of the founders, since 2003 the company is owned by the three siblings Sarah, Marcus and Mathias Hevert. In 2013, the company achieved 20 Mio Euro turnover. Most of this sum was earned with homeopathic as well as vitamin products. The main drivers of sales are Calmvalera, Sinusitis and Vitamin D3-Hevert.

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