Starting signal for the company's own medicinal herb cultivation

This year, Hevert-Arzneimittel began its own medicinal herb cultivation program at company headquarters in Nussbaum. The fresh plants required for production of the medicinal products will in future also come increasingly from the company's own cultivation program. Executive managers Marcus and Mathias Hevert report on the project.

Mathias Hevert (l.) and Marcus Hevert (r.) are proud of the new Solidago cultivation at company headquarters in Nussbaum. Photo: Gregor Schuster

"In recent years we have begun to produce nearly all of the original mother tinctures used in production of our homeopathic medicinal products ourselves", explains Mathias Hevert. "The reason for taking this step was to gain further knowledge in the area of naturopathic medicine, specifically active substance production. We want to ensure a high level of active substance quality. In the past we have mostly depended on contract cultivation of fresh plants and wild plant collections, which we then processed locally to make the original mother tinctures. Now we have added our own cultivation program."

The family-owned company has tended its own medicinal herb garden at the open-air museum in the neighboring village of Bad Sobernheim since May of 2004. "We have always had a highly experienced team of gardeners to tend our large park and vineyard at the company location in Nussbaum", reports Marcus Hevert. "Back then, our team of gardeners cooperated with our pharmacists to select suitable plants and began tending the medicinal herb garden." Ever since, museum visitors have been treated to a wealth of pharmaceutical and botanical knowledge of many different medicinal and spice herbs growing on an approximately 250 sqm garden plot.

The company's own medicinal herb cultivation project is now profiting from the experience gained with this garden. Planning began back in the fall of 2013. Marcus Hevert explains how the project work started: "In cooperation with a service provider specialized in organic cultivation, we first had the soils on our property analyzed in detail." "The analysis showed that all of the soils were well suited for medicinal herb cultivation. The best land turned out to be the tract directly downhill from our company headquarters in Nussbaum. It's been ideal for gaining new experience, then expanding the cultivation area in subsequent years to accommodate additional plants."

The next step involved determining which plant would be most suitable to start production with. Due to the nature of the soil and the ease of obtaining and cultivating the young plants, the choice was Solidago virgaurea - woundwort or European goldenrod. This herb has anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory and renal detoxifying effects and is used in some important Hevert products.

"Assuming this pilot project is a success, the plan is to expand our medicinal herb cultivation step by step in the future", explains Mathias Hevert. "We are then really looking forward to internal production of everything from seed to finished product for some of our products. At the same time we will also be able to provide visitors on our guided tours with more concrete information on medicinal herbs here in Nussbaum."

Hevert is a specialist in the field of naturopathic medicinal products, in particular homeopathic complex remedies and herbal medicines. Hevert homeopathic medicinal products contain around 30 different species of fresh plants that are purchased by the company in amounts ranging from a kilogram to a ton. The plants are then processed into original mother tinctures in Nussbaum.

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