Quality „Made in Germany“ - President of the Regional Authority for Social Affairs, Youth and Care in Rhineland-Palatinate visits Hevert-Arzneimittel

During their summer tour through the region, a delegation of the Regional Authority for Social Affairs, Youth and Care in Rhineland Palatinate (Landesamt für Soziales, Jugend und Versorgung – LSJV) lead by president Detlef Placzek wanted to have a look behind the scenes of Hevert-Arzneimittel in Nussbaum. There is a simple explanation for why they decided to visit the pharmaceutical manufacturer: “Drug monitoring is an important topic for us and the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most significant economic sectors in Germany but also and especially in Rhineland-Palatinate,” says Paczek.

The delegation of the Regional Authority for Social Affairs, Youth and Care in Rhineland-Palatinate during their visit in Nussbaum: Sina Scherzer, Anna Maria Bendel, Press Spokeswoman of the LSJV, Irmgard Rose-Natzschka, Head of the Health and Pharmacy division, Detlef Placzek, President, Gerhard Frick, Head of the Inspection division, and Marcus Hevert, Managing Director at Hevert-Arzneimittel.

Gerhard Frick, who accompanied Placzek in his function as head of the inspection division of the LSJV knows Hevert-Arzneimittel very well. For many years now he has been inspecting the company and checking if the strict requirements and guidelines for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals are complied with. The Quality Unit department at Hevert is responsible for the compliance with quality standards, from natural starting materials to the finished product. If the defect of a product were detected only during the final quality control, a financial damage could not be averted. As a rule, the product would have to be destroyed. The better approach is to plan and monitor all procedures and work processes so that the product meets all requirements regarding patient safety. “Do everything right the first time instead of trying to correct things afterwards,” is therefore Dr. Tilmann Laun’s motto as head of the quality unit at Hevert.

Placzek and Frick share that opinion: “Quality standards are of great importance for our office. The requirements for the pharmaceutical industry and the quality level are continuously increasing. In this regard, Hevert-Arzneimittel is a leading company.”

Hevert has currently about 100 products on the German market. Most of them are medicinal products that are sold only in pharmacies. Seven of Hevert’s products are dietary supplements (vitamin products). Regarding dietary supplements, the consumers should check where the product is from and what it contains. In Germany, high-dose preparations are often available only in pharmacies – for the sake of consumer protection. ”The production of our dietary supplements is based on the same quality standards that we apply to our medicinal products. In Germany, our dietary supplements are also available only in pharmacies and mail-order pharmacies. We don’t want to offer them in drugstores. With pharmacies we can ensure that the patients using our products always receive competent advice,” says Marcus Hevert, Managing Director of Hevert-Arzneimittel. He manages the family business – that was founded by his grandparents – together with his brother Mathias Hevert.

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