Hevert-Arzneimittel Donates Computers for Africa

Just in time for Christmas, Hevert-Arzneimittel, a family-run company in Nussbaum, donated used computers from its own inventory to South Cluster. The Belgian non-governmental organization collects computers and installs them in different secondary schools of Africa in order to sustainably improve opportunities for and level of education.

Personal pick-up in Nussbaum

Only few African teenagers have access to computers or internet to broaden their knowledge digitally. The Belgian non-governmental organization South Cluster aims to address this problem. PC, laptop, monitor or mouse – any donation is gladly taken and reused. With the initiative “40.000 computers by 2015” South Cluster especially supports secondary schools in Africa.

In industrialized countries PC's are usually used no more than 4-5 years before, still perfectly able to run, they are replaced by a newer model. Under normal circumstances those “old” models could be used twice as long. South Cluster enlarges their life-cycle as the organization takes them to where they are needed: to secondary schools in Africa. Thus, ever more young Africans get the chance to participate in an increasingly globalized world.

At Hevert-Arzneimittel corporate social responsibility is a priority. Hevert would like to help those who are less fortunate to share in the success of the company and thus takes responsibility by supporting charitable causes. Apart from its initiative “Gemeinsam für Kinder” (“Together for Children”: For each package sold Hevert donates a percentage to the Schools Project “School Bricks for Gando” in Burkina Faso), with the donation of computers the pharmaceutical company wants to provide a further contribution to the improvement of the education of the African youth.

For more information visit: South Cluster

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