European Society of Stress Medicine gains Hevert support

Dr. med. Jan-Christoph Wollmann, doctor and head of the medicine and science department at Hevert-Arzneimittel, was elected as a new member of the scientific advisory board of the European Society of Stress Medicine. Members are elected for a three-year term and are responsible for the professional direction and control of the society’s scientific work.

Dr. med. Jan-Christoph Wollmann was elected as a new member of the scientific advisory board of the European Society of Stress Medicine.

Quick and efficient in your job, active and fit in spare time, always available and at hand – those characteristics describe a common demand which many people set themselves. Some are able to keep up this speed over years. But the price for this assumed modern life is often high: At some point you are no longer able to relax and calm down, your stomach goes crazy and your nerves are on edge.

This is the point where stress medicine intervenes. The European Society of Stress Medicine, an association of experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, supports science and research in the field of European and German stress medicine. The members further inform expert groups and the wider public about modern scientific findings in stress medicine. Among these are the scientific research of diseases associated with stress, data acquisition with regard to disease prevention at work or in private life, as well as the initiation and performance of studies.

“For years, Hevert-Arzneimittel has been active in stress medicine. Psyche, sleep and the nervous system define an important key issue of our company, which can also be found in our product range e.g. with Stress Relief, a homeopathic product,” Dr. Wollmann states. “Additionally, we provide further education in the area of naturopathic treatment methods of stress management. I am very happy that this commitment and expertise which we have built up over decades now lead to my proposal as new expert for the scientific advisory board of the society,” Wollmann asserts. “Together with the society we will campaign for the scientific advancement of stress medicine.”

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