40 years of clear noses! Sinusitis Hevert SL is celebrating its birthday!

40 years ago, a homeopathic medicine came onto the market which has accompanied whole generations of people until today: Sinusitis Hevert SL.

The homeopathic Sinusitis preparation for colds and sinusitis is suitable for the whole family and can even be used from infancy onwards. It gently clears the nose and sinuses. Its efficacy has been clinically proven.

Sinusitis Hevert SL has its origins in the Hevertoplex series of homeopathic complex remedies developed by doctors and natural practitioners. They were created in collaboration with students of the famous Pastor Emanuel Felke, one of the pioneers of naturopathy and the co-founder of complex homeopathy.

How Sinusitis Hevert SL Helps the Nose

Sinusitis Hevert SL contains 11 active ingredients and is therefore a medicinal product of complex homeopathy. In contrast to classical homeopathy, in which only one active ingredient is used, several drugs are combined in one medicine in homeopathic complex remedies. The carefully selected individual components complement each other in relation to a particular disease and allow for a broad range of applications. Sinusitis Hevert SL tablets have anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and secretolytic properties. It is also important that the medicinal product is well tolerated and particularly gentle on the stomach, since it does not contain any essential oils.

Dr. Rainer Mersinger, Scientific Advisor at Hevert Arzneimittel, explains: “For 40 years, many people have trusted in Sinusitis Hevert SL. A new study, carried out according to the current gold standard of clinical research, proves the efficacy of Sinusitis Hevert SL in acute rhinosinusitis, which is an inflammation of both the nasal mucosa (“rhinitis”) and the mucous membrane of the sinuses (“sinusitis”) . Sinusitis Hevert SL is one of our most popular products, since it has helped so many people over the decades. In this sense, the medicinal product has nosed ahead for 40 years.”


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Obligatory information for consumers

Sinusitis Hevert SL The indications are derived from the homeopathic remedy profiles. They include: Inflammation of the nasopharynx (nose and throat) and the sinuses (sinusitis). For risks and side effects read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Important note: All information on Calmvalera Hevert is based on the marketing authorization of the medicinal product in Germany.

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