Quality control

Quality is our formula! From the plant in the field to the finished Hevert medicinal product in the hands of the user, our goal is always to meet the strictest quality standards. We have 20 employees working for our Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments alone.

Laboratory in Nussbaum

Precision purchasing of drugs and contractually ensured cultivation combined with the most rigorous quality controls on incoming goods guarantee maximum purity and active ingredient content in Hevert’s herbal medicines and the processed homoeopathic mother tinctures.

All raw materials are inspected for quality before use in production. Identity and active ingredient content are just as important as purity and microbiological quality during this process. Raw plant materials are also tested for pesticide residues, heavy metals and aflatoxins.

With the finished medicine the focus is on the final confirmation of quality. Again, identity, potency and purity are crucial to the decision to release the product for sale or to reject it. After final testing, further testing is done to demonstrate that the medicinal product is stable until the end of the usability period, so that maximum efficacy for the medicinal product can be guaranteed for the user.

This extensive testing performed at Hevert's own quality control laboratory requires that employees have sound analytical knowledge and that the laboratory has an extensive array of equipment. The quality control staff is required to undergo three years of training, to specialize in the particulars of plant-based raw materials and medicinal products, and they must be willing to continuously update their knowledge. This is the only way analytical techniques such as high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC) and a range of spectroscopic methods can be mastered and corresponding results delivered. Both our equipment and level of training of our employees are constantly maintained at a state-of-the-art level.

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