“Honey by Hevert” or “The Fascination of Bees”

Since early this summer, bees and other insects are buzzing on the premises of Hevert-Arzneimittel in Nussbaum. Right next to the already well-attented insect hotel, two beehives were now set up. Beekeeping is a great addition to the environmental concept of the pharmaceutical manufacturer that aims to stabilize the small ecological system surrounding the company headquarters. This is supposed to counteract the dangerous development of bee mortality on a small scale. Our Mail Order Manager, Steffen von Helden, is responsible for the maintenance and care of the bee colonies.

Steffen von Helden proudly presents the first brood combs of the bee colonies.

Steffen had already harbored the desire to start with beekeeping already for a few years before he started working for Hevert-Arzneimittel in spring 2015. He just didn’t have the time and the space to make his dream come true. “During my job interview, we also talked about the company values ‘Nature and Nature Conservation’. In passing, I mentioned that I was thinking about becoming a beekeeper in my free time.” The Managing Directors took him at his word. A small beekeeping project would be a great addition to the environmental concept of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. “We had often thought about keeping bees on our premises”, said Managing Director Mathias Hevert. “With the start of the company’s own cultivation of medicinal plants 2 years ago, the idea took roots. When Steffen von Helden then told us about his desire to become a beekeeper, we immediately started with the implementation of the idea. We are already looking forward to the first Honey by Hevert which we will probably be able to harvest next year.”

Calm and careful movements are a must when working with bees.

In August 2015, the project was taking real shape. In winter 2015/2016, Steffen completed a beekeeping course so that he would be ready for this new challenge. “A short while ago, we were able to set up two bee colonies on the company’s premises. The area with its big park and the blooming field of medicinal plants is perfect for the bee colonies.” Insects – especially bees and bumblebees – pollinate crops and other plants. About 35 percent of crops rely on insects for pollination. The main part of this work is done by bees. Years of use of insecticides and fungicides has contributed to the mass death of bee colonies in Europe. If the bees continue to die as fast as in the last ten years, some foods may cease to exist.

What is so fascinating about working with bees? “If you are working with bees, you must be calm. Hectic movements have to be avoided or else you will quickly feel the consequences. Working in this calm environment is relaxing and has a positive influence on the inner balance. Watching a bee colony is like watching a fire or the waves of the ocean. The perfect addition to a homeopathic calming remedy”, says the young beekeeper with a laugh.

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