Dedicated to naturopathy

Hevert actively advocates for naturopathy and the advancement of naturopathic medicines, especially combination homeopathic remedies.

Not only for its own company, but for the whole homeopathic and herbal medicine market, Hevert campaigns for the preservation of the largest possible therapeutic diversity of products and active ingredients. As part of this, the company works for naturopathy-friendly regulatory conditions as well as the recognition and acceptance of naturopathic medicines.

Hevert's financial involvement in the founding of the Europäisches Institut für Homöopathie (European Institute for Homeopathy - InHom) and the Homöopathie-Stiftung des Deutschen Zentralvereins homöopathischer Ärzte (Homeopathic Foundation of the German Central Union of Homeopathic Physicians) is just as much a given for Hevert as its years-long support of the Hufeland-Gesellschaft (Hufeland Society) and the “Internationale Gesellschaft für Natur- und Kulturheilkunde” (International Society for Naturopathy and Cultural Medicine - IGNK) or its membership of the friends’ association of the Karl and Veronica Carsten Foundation “Natur und Medizin e.V.” (Nature and Medicine), the "European Coalition on Homeopathic and Anthroposophic Medicinal Products" (ECHAMP), the "Kooperation Phytopharmaka" and the "Association of Natural Medicines in Europe” (AMNE).

Research and development are essential for the continuous improvement of medicines and therapies. For Hevert-Arzneimittel, research and development also means, in addition to the search for new therapeutic approaches and the development of improved formulations, the development of new analytical methods to ensure the quality of medicinal products and the further development of therapies for clinical use. The company also supports selected naturopathic research projects within the framework of research collaborations.

Particularly its commitment to basic research on homeopathic medicines has been expanded in recent years. Here, Hevert plays an essential role in obtaining new findings while providing a solid scientific foundation for homeopathy and naturopathy.

The mechanism of action of potentized medicine, as used in homeopathy, is always a contentious issue of discussion in the media and in conventional academia. It is not widely known that research has seen significant progress in this area in recent years and that there is a large number of promising research approaches. With cooperative projects, organization of specialist conferences and symposia, as well as publications, Hevert is helping to expand the level of knowledge both scientifically and organizationally.

The development and preservation of the knowledge of naturopathy with a focus on homeopathy are also focal points. For example, Hevert possesses a broad collection of naturopathic literature, including rare historical works, and is in the process of incorporating this extensive body of knowledge into a comprehensive electronic knowledge base. A particular emphasis is being placed on preserving the knowledge of the famous naturopath Pastor Emanuel Felke and the adaptation of his therapeutic ideas to modern medicine.

Hevert also actively promotes the education of professionals in naturopathy and homeopathy. Each year, the Hevert academy for naturopathy, the so-called Hevert-Akademie, holds numerous training sessions throughout Germany in cooperation with a strong network of opinion makers and supports training institutes with speakers or educational materials. The offer is complemented by several webinars and materials for self-study.

In 2006, the Dr. Wolfgang Hevert Prize was established to support scientific work in the area of holistic medicine and to commemorate the work of pharmacist Dr. med. Wolfgang Hevert, the former CEO of the company. The €10,000 sponsorship prize is awarded every two years in cooperation with the Hevert-Foundation.

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