Calmvalera Hevert Tabletten (Tablets)

Homeopathic medicine for nervous disorders such as sleep disorders and restlessness

Get relief from tension and restlessness - day or night!

The interplay between emotions and the human body is complex. Over-stimulation, stress, rushing, and performance pressure can unbalance us in the long run. The body then often reacts with restlessness, tension, nervousness, and sleep disorders. A feeling of being depleted to the point of total burnout can easily develop. At this point what is needed is rapid relief that won’t put additional stress on the body.

Calmvalera Hevert actively disrupts this process, stopping the downward spiral. This natural medicine supports your body’s ability to heal itself and uses the power of homeopathy to bring about relaxation, serenity, and harmony.

Users quickly regain their peace of mind, equanimity and ability to perform. Sleep disorders due to nervous conditions are overcome. The body is able to recover its natural strength and energy.

Calmvalera Hevert contains a proven combination of nine carefully selected homeopathic active substances that work quickly and effectively naturally. Calmvalera Hevert is well tolerated and non-habit-forming even when used for long periods. Calmvalera Hevert does not cause tiredness or drowsiness and is therefore suitable for drivers and people who must always be able to concentrate for work.

Backed by the power of homeopathy, Calmvalera Hevert provides relief from tension and restlessness - day or night.

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  • 1 tablet contains:
  • Cimicifuga D3 20 mg
  • Cocculus D4 20 mg
  • Cypripedium pubescens D4 10 mg
  • Ignatia D6 40 mg
  • Lilium tigrinum D6 20 mg
  • Passiflora incarnata D3 40 mg
  • Platinum metallicum D8 20 mg
  • Valeriana D2 20 mg
  • Zincum valerianicum D3 20 mg
Inactive ingredients:

Lactose, magnesium stearate, corn starch

Dosage acute chronic
Adults 1 tablet up to 6 times a day 1 tablet 1-3 times a day


The indications are based on the homeopathic remedy profiles. They include: restlessness and sleep disorders due to nerves.


Do not use Calmvalera Hevert Tablets in cases of hypersensitivity to plants in the lady slipper family and to platinum compounds.

Adverse effects

None known.

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