Starting a New Era in the Treatment of Medicinal Plants

Hevert-Arzneimittel starts with plant processing in the new production building at the company’s headquarters in Nussbaum. In the future, fresh plants as well as dried parts of plants (known as drugs) will be crushed in a separate room before they are transferred to the GMP-area of the general production.

Since its inauguration in November 2011, the new production building extends production and storage capacities for plant-based raw materials

“This official inauguration is a further milestone in the development of our production competence –especially with regard to the herbal active ingredients of our remedies,” Vukan Divljan, head of Supply Chain Management at Hevert, emphasizes. “The room was equipped according to the demands of plant treatment. It got tiled, has a good ventilation and is very easy to clean.” A huge evacuation system hindering releasing and easily exhalable parts from entering the ambient air was additionally installed to protect the employees.

Freshly harvested dandelion.

“Our contract farmers often deliver fresh plants directly after having harvested them on the fields.” Pia Schmidt, head of Production at Hevert, explains. “In this new room, we are able to free the plants of remaining soil and unusable parts and afterwards to crush them.” Fresh plants are chaffed, delivered drugs are pulverized. Having accomplished these first processing steps, the crushed parts of plants are collected within barrels of stainless steel and transferred to the GMP-area of the general production. Here, ethanol is added. “Due to this separate ‘treatment room’, the plants reach a higher value in our value chain of manufacturing naturopathic remedies,” Schmidt states.

The new room for processing medicinal plants.

After several amounts of drugs had already been processed in this room, now the official dedication with a fresh plant has followed. In May, almost 500 kilogram of fresh dandelion (Taraxacum officinales) were chaffed.

With regard to phytotherapy as well as homeopathy the common dandelion is very popular due to its strengthening effects on the liver. Concerning Hevert, Taraxacum officinales is used as an ingredient e.g. in the preparations for digestive disorders Pankreaticum-Hevert and Hepar-Hevert.

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