Redesigned Packaging for Hevert Vitamins

The first Hevert-Arzneimittel vitamin preparations with redesigned packaging went on the market in mid-2020. All vitamin preparations are gradually being converted. Geometry, a Hamburg-based creative agency, developed the drafts for the redesign. Various aims were pursued here: Modernizing the design, drawing a visible distinction between vitamins and the Hevert homeopathy and phyto ranges, establishing a clear difference between the vitamins themselves and competing products, and increasing suitability for behind-the-counter display. The new packaging design gives pharmacy staff, therapists, and end customers a helping hand when recommending and choosing Hevert preparations.

A pack of Vitamin D3 Hevert, illustrating the redesigned packaging of Hevert vitamins

The colorful packs of Hevert preparations catch the eye in behind-the-counter displays. There is a system behind the various colors: the theory is that each indication has its own color. Blue represents nerves/psyche/sleep, the prime example being Calmvalera. Green stands for respiratory tract infections and allergies, orange for digestion, red for cardiovascular conditions, pink for gynecological disorders, cough and bronchial medicines are purple, and everything relating to the musculoskeletal system is yellow. Most injectable preparations in these areas also have yellow packaging. And the vitamin preparations come in a yellow guise, too. Vitamin A, various B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K come into this category.

“Quite a lot of yellow on the vitamin shelf” was also the feedback from pharmacy staff. To enable greater distinction between the colors of the vitamin preparations themselves and those of the homeopathic and herbal preparations, the packaging design of Hevert vitamins has been made more modern, obviously still yellow, but with much more use of white. The redesign of the vitamin packaging was carried out by the Hamburg-based creative agency Geometry, which is part of the international Geometry Group.

Along with the increased use of white, there have been further optimizations: The type of vitamin – A, B, D, E, or K – can be identified even from a distance by a large letter on the lower right-hand side of the pack. The various dosages for vitamin D – 1000 IU, 2000 IU, and 4000 IU – are also emphasized more clearly. Andrea Materna, head of the Health Care Professionals department at Hevert-Arzneimittel, was actively involved in the project and is delighted with the results: “All vitamin preparations now have an impressive uniform look that fits perfectly with the Hevert umbrella brand. The yellow color has been retained so as not to harm the recognition factor. Geometry has done a great job here, in conjunction with our packaging management and graphics teams.”

The first Hevert-Arzneimittel vitamin preparations with redesigned packaging went on the market in mid-2020. This followed a change to the formulation of the vitamin D preparations several months ago: As part of the company's sustainability strategy, palm oil was replaced as an ingredient by more environmentally friendly soybean oil. Otherwise, the composition of all vitamin preparations remains the same. The packaging design of the other Hevert vitamin preparations will be altered in the next few months.

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