Museum of Homeopathy in Rome

Rome has gained another tourist attraction: In mid-June, the new Museum of Homeopathy was opened at the well-known Piazza Navona. It is unique in Italy. In Europe, the only other homeopathy museum is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

The newly opened Homeopathy Museum maintains documents of great historical interest. Among them many private archives of important homeopaths can be found. The museum library includes a rich collection of Homeopathy writings in different languages such as Italian, German, French, English and Spanish. The section of ancient Italian editions is of special interest, including first editions printed during the 19th century.

Besides the writings, the museum conserves the world largest collection (over 200) of homeopathic medicines kits, as well as other Memorabilia and documents concerning Homeopathy during the period spanning the 19th and 20th centuries.

The museum has been promoted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. For further information please visit:

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