Social Commitment: Hevert publishes 10th report on corporate social responsibility

Hevert-Arzneimittel has published its 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Since 2011, so for 10 years now, the natural medicine company has been sharing its measures for sustainable business practices and social responsibility with the public. Key areas in 2020: Coronavirus pandemic and commitment to environmental protection. The report can be viewed here .

The Managing Directors Mathias (left) and Marcus Hevert with their sister and fellow shareholder, Sarah Hevert.

This the tenth time in a row that Hevert has published a report on its corporate social responsibility. This is a voluntary initiative by Hevert and is based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative. The report contains information on its social, ecological and economic responsibility measures. This is because the family-run naturopathy company prioritizes people and nature in implementing its corporate goals. Mathias Hevert, the Managing Director of Hevert-Arzneimittel, explains: “To us, sustainability means minimizing the negative impact of our business activities on the environment and society. Instead, we want to create long-term value added for all. We practice sustainability along the full length of the value chain. Our goal is that anyone who buys a Hevert product can feel good about it.”

Corporate social responsibility at all levels

Corporate social responsibility is strategically embedded at all levels at Hevert, and in every relevant area of the company. Also, representatives from different parts of the company regularly come together in working groups. There they work on answers and solutions to general issues. In 2020, there were particular challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. For example, when there was a shortage of sanitizer in the region around the company’s head office in Nussbaum, Hevert quickly switched to producing medical hand sanitizer according to the WHO formula. This was mainly donated to care and social facilities in the region.

Environmental protection and climate neutrality

The third generation of the family-run business also sent a clear signal in matters of environmental protection in 2020 – for instance with its energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. In addition to sourcing 100% green power, the agile and innovative company Hevert is also using solar energy. Alongside electricity, water consumption and waste volumes have also been reduced year-on-year, for example. “Environmentally sustainable business practices are a key component of Hevert-Arzneimittel’s corporate culture and not just a soundbite,” says Olga Rolnik, Head of Environmental Management. Part of this is Hevert’s current ambitious plan to be climate-neutral by no later than 2022. The company already attaches great importance to keeping its carbon emissions as low as possible.

Hevert’s latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report can be accessed here .

About the Corporate Social Responsibility Report

The Hevert 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report covers all the key initiatives on sustainable business practices and social responsibility.

The Hevert Corporate Social Responsibility Report is released online once per year. It uses a variety of intriguing facts and stimulating images to vividly tell readers more about the latest developments in social issues, environmental awareness and its commitment to naturopathy and integrative medicine. It also has interesting information on the Hevert-Foundation. . Established in 2015, the Foundation specifically focuses on social responsibility and sustainable commitment.

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