Hevert is one of the first medium-sized companies in the German pharmaceutical industry to implement the SAP S/4HANA software solution

Hevert implemented the SAP S/4HANA software solution across the company on April 1 – coincidentally the 50th birthday of the software company SAP. The naturopathy specialist from Nussbaum is thus a pioneer among medium-sized companies within the German pharmaceutical industry. During the SAP implementation, Hevert relied not only on a renowned consulting firm, but above all on the skills of its own employees.

The project team is very pleased with the successful implementation of SAP S/4HANA

After almost three years of intensive project work, SAP S/4HANA successfully went live at all Hevert locations on April 1. With the implementation of the new digital solution, the previous often incompatible IT systems could be fully replaced. Non-digital processes could also be modernized and standardized as a result. All business processes such as purchasing, production, warehousing, but also finance, controlling and sales are now managed with great efficiency via the new software.

The promising project name Star stands for SAP, terrific and ambitiousr eorganization project. It was successfully implemented not least thanks to a 30-person project team made up of Hevert employees, who often contribute their expertise and commitment alongside their regular duties. Uwe Scherer, member of the project management team and responsible, among other things, for test management and validation of the project comments on the success as follows: "I am happy that we have mastered the introduction of SAP so well. This would not have been possible without the active support of my many colleagues, who exchanged information in a close and uncomplicated manner despite working from home." According to Scherer, the secret of their success was that in addition to test organization, documentation and validation of the system, they were able to draw on their own experience from the pharmaceutical industry and tailor it to the project requirements. This way, it was possible to find the right solutions for the company in all cases.

A Starship crew of Hevert specialists will continue to be available to answer any questions the employees may have.

Project manager Dr. Tilmann Laun is very satisfied with the implementation of the project and confident that after the first, perhaps still shaky steps, routine will soon set in during use. He commented the go-live with “Let’s aim for the Stars".

The Star project is the first reorganization project of this scale at Hevert and therefore quite special.

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