Hevert continues production of hand sanitizer

On March 27, Hevert converted part of its production line to the manufacture of medical hand sanitizer based on the WHO’s formulation*. Since then, around 4,000 liters have been bottled. The family business has given more than a third of this away.

From left to right: Mayor Uwe Engelmann and office manager Rainer Link were delighted to receive the donation of 40 containers of hand sanitizer in the municipality of Nahe-Glan. The consignment was handed over on behalf of the company by Gerd Voigt, Head of Logistics.

Hevert-Arzneimittel is still producing hand sanitizer even though it is not actually part of its product range. In doing so, the family business continues to support the Nahe region by supplying products that remain hard to get hold of. Donations of around 300 five-liter plastic containers have gone out to nursing homes, welfare centers, care services, and further public institutions such as health authorities, district administrations, and fire departments in the region. In addition, to minimize transport risks, Hevert has decided to deliver larger order volumes itself wherever possible in the Nahe region.

Phased easing of restrictions and still no end in sight

In Hevert’s view, the phased easing of restrictions planned by the government means that hygiene measures must be followed even more strictly. “Increased precautions are essential, especially in places where numbers of people gathered are on the rise again. We expect regular hand sanitizing and mask-wearing to remain part of our daily lives for some time yet for activities such as shopping, getting a haircut, going to school, or returning to work. The requirements remain high,” says Mathias Hevert, Managing Director of Hevert-Arzneimittel. Consequently, production of hand sanitizer is being continued for the time being.

Conversion in record time

Because demand is so high, some people no longer have sufficient access to hand sanitizer. “We wanted to get involved as quickly as possible here and do whatever we could to provide help in the region,” explains Marcus Hevert, Co-Managing Director of Hevert-Arzneimittel.

Sanitizer is not part of the product range of the Nahe Valley-based naturopathy specialist. However, as a drug manufacturer, Hevert had the requisite raw materials, technical equipment, and experienced staff. This enabled a swift conversion: “We managed to set up our own supply chain to supply the market with sanitizer in record time. In many cases, we control everything from manufacture to delivery to the recipient.“ It only took a week from approval from the authorities until production of the first pallet of hand sanitizer based on the WHO’s formulation.

Delivery remains limited to regional public bodies

“We are well aware that our production capacity allows us to meet only a fraction of the demand in the current crisis. But we want to fulfill our social responsibility and help as much as we can,” says Marcus Hevert. Therefore, supply of Hevert hand sanitizer remains limited to regional institutions. Direct delivery to end consumers is unfortunately not possible. Hevert is in close contact with the responsible authorities in Rhineland-Palatinate. Distribution is being coordinated with the Bad Kreuznach district administration and the fire department control center.

International mail order

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International mail order

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