Hevert at the Arab Health 2013

Hevert has gained a foothold on the United Arab Emirates’ market with three products. Ultramed LLC, distribution partner of Hevert, presented three selected products, Calmvalera Hevert, Vitamin B12 forte-Hevert Injections and Pulmo Hevert Tablets, at the Arab Heath trade fair 2013 in Dubai. In the end, all Hevert-representatives drew a positive outlook for the future of naturopathy and Hevert-Arzneimittel in the Middle East.

The Arab Health trade fair and congress is one of the leading international health events and is long known as a must-do among the global events of health care – also for Hevert. At the huge stand of Ultramed and Hevert, trade fair visitors, doctors, specialists in naturopathy and representatives of health authorities were informed about the products. “The products were very well received by the trade fair audience,” Oliver Stoffers, Manager Export at Hevert, states and was happy about the positive feedback and interest they received at the stand.

The trade fair was accompanied by a symposium for complementary and alternative medicine with homeopathy as its main subject. The symposium was held all day long and was completely sold out. Dr. Jan-Christoph Wollmann, head of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs at Hevert, convinced the audience with his presentation on “What homeopathy can do against stress and related secondary diseases”. ”Symptoms of stress as well as related secondary diseases as anxiety- or sleeping disorders following chronic pressure of stress are functionally closely related,” Dr. Wollmann explained. “Pharmaceutical products of alternative medicine as the homeopathic complex remedy Calmvalera Hevert can be an effective alternative to the mostly prescribed chemical-synthetic products, oftentimes accompanied by extreme side effects.” Choosing this topic, he had his finger on the pulse of the times as stress and related diseases such as burnout are a long known lifestyle problem in the pulsating metropolises of the Middle East.

Oliver Stoffers gladly received the exclusive award of the trade fair as a reward for the support and constructive contributions in the service of naturopathy.

In the final roundtable discussion, representatives of health care politics as well as Dr. Wollmann and Dr. David Riley, doctor and publisher of some renowned journals on naturopathy, discussed issues such as medical prescription, self-medication and success in training of naturopathy. “It's very gratifying to notice that naturopathy is welcomed in the U.A.E. and, even more so, that it gets firmly established in their health care policy by advanced training programs, fostered by the state, or own faculties at university.” Dr. Wollmann summarizes the successful trip abroad.

As the next steps, Ultramed LLC is planning to establish the Hevert-products in neighboring markets such as Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Yemen.

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