Our mission statement

For Hevert, as a family business with more than 60 years of tradition, sustainability has always been the heart of the company's philosophy. As a business in close touch with nature, Hevert-Arzneimittel is actively committed to naturopathy, environmental protection, sustainable business practices, and acting responsibly towards its employees and community.

Our mission statement at a glance

The principles for this are set out in the Hevert mission statement. Hevert would like to openly set out for all stakeholders, especially its customers of course, how the issue of sustainability is experienced within the company and to motivate other companies in their efforts to become sustainable. Learn more about Hevert's commitment here:

Our Vision

Our Vision

Hevert is a leading, internationally renowned natural medicine company.

Our Mission / Our Mandate

Hevert Means Health

The greatest wealth is health. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to the development and production of naturopathic preparations. The satisfaction of our customers is central to all we do. We impress them with high-quality preparations, advice and services, as well as further training.

We achieve this through healthy growth, taking reasonable risks and getting solid returns on our investment.

As a family business in close touch with nature, we are actively committed to naturopathy, environmental protection, sustainable business practices, and acting responsibly towards our employees, partners and community.

Together we are naturally successful!

Our Values

Employees are the key to our success

  • Team spirit, reliability and trust:
    These are the building blocks of our successful cooperation.
  • Respect, appreciation and recognition:
    Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual respect, appreciation and recognition.
  • Motivation and entrepreneurial thinking:
    Through a willingness to work hard and learn new things, to actively participate and take initiative, we continually move the company forward together in the spirit of shared success.
  • Diversity:
    We focus on diversity and equality in the company and leverage the strengths of the individual for our success.
  • Work-Life Balance:
    We value a balance between work, family, health and leisure.

We live partnership

  • Partnership:
    Our dealings with employees, customers and
    partners are characterized by honesty, loyalty,
    friendliness and responsible action.
    Together with our partners,
    we want to live up to our standard of sustainability.
  • Commitment to place:
    As a traditional family business from the Nahe Valley with international ambitions, we value the strengths of our country and region. We are reliable partners to local interest groups and feel connected to Bad Sobernheim, where naturopath Pastor Emanuel Felke practiced for many years.
  • Social Commitment:
    We would like to help those who are less fortunate
    to share in the success of our company and are committed to
    social responsibility.

Quality is our formula

  • Our commitment:
    Our preparations work naturally, are of high quality, and have very few side effects.
  • Quality and professionalism:
    We strive to satisfy our customers and partners
    through our commitment to quality
    and the continual improvement of all business processes.
    We regard mistakes as opportunities
    to learn.

We love nature

  • Naturopathy:
    We actively advocate for naturopathy and the advancement of naturopathic preparations.
  • Love of nature:
    We are committed to the conservation of nature and continuously optimize
    our processes for the careful use
    of natural resources.

You can find out more about our management principles here

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International mail order

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