Employees are the key to our success

Team spirit, reliability and trust are the building blocks of successful cooperation at Hevert. The Hevert corporate culture is characterized by mutual respect, appreciation and recognition.

Team training at Hevert on Mission Statement Day

Hevert would not be the successful company it is today without its dedicated employees. Hevert employees are a friendly, highly motivated and capable team that is much more dedicated to customers and the company's success than is found in other companies. The friendly and cordial collaboration is the core of Hevert corporate culture and is highly appreciated by visitors and business partners..

In the spirit of Hevert's motto "Together naturally successful", employee representatives and the Executive Board work together on a basis of trust. To demonstrate the company's "us" feeling and level hierarchies to the outside world, all Hevert employees, from trainees to top managers, wear the white "We Love Nature" workwear, except in particular areas where special regulations apply.

As a company with a strong focus on training, Hevert provides training in seven different occupations. Hevert is regularly represented at regional training fairs and events in order to attract future trainees and secure young blood for the company.

Each year, Hevert participates in the nationwide "Girls' Day" and also regularly offers high schoolers and college students an opportunity during the year to have internships or to write scientific papers at the company.

Motivation and entrepreneurial thinking determine actions at Hevert. Through a willingness to work hard and learn new things, to actively participate and take initiative, the employees continually move the family-run company forward as a team.

Level hierarchies and quick decision-making have been an important competitive advantage at Hevert over less dynamic large corporations for many years, making Hevert a very attractive employer, especially for young applicants. At Hevert, employees are often given responsibility starting their very first day and not just after working there a long time.

At Hevert, independent thinking is not only allowed but encouraged. Hevert idea management enables employees, through the submission of ideas and suggestions for improvement, to contribute their skills, knowledge and experience beyond what their actual jobs require, for the further development of the company. This also provides for a continuous, company-wide improvement process, making idea management into a perceptible element of the innovation-friendly Hevert corporate culture.

Hevert focuses on diversity and equality in the company and leverages the strengths of individuals for the company's success.

Hevert has trusted in equal opportunities since its founding and has always had a high percentage of women on staff. Today, women are also in key management positions. 30% of the top management positions in the company are currently occupied by women.

From trainees to entry level staff to experienced senior managers, from the youngest to the oldest and from the least to most experienced in the profession, great diversity, which leads to very fruitful teamwork through the combination of new ideas and decades of experience can be found at Hevert. Hevert also values an international perspective among its employees, and employs people from seven different cultures. This is a huge asset for a company that wants to assert itself in the international export business.

Hevert also values an international perspective among its employees, and employs people from seven different cultures. This is a huge asset for a company that wants to assert itself in the international export business.

Hevert values maintaining a balance between work, family, health and leisure.

We regularly organize team events, company celebrations and excursions. Engaging in sports together after work, such as the Hevert Yoga Group or the Hevert Nordic Petaca Group, provides good examples of this. True to the company mission, "Hevert means health," all employees are provided water, coffee, tea and organically grown fruit and vegetables every day, free of charge. In addition, a large patch for vegetable cultivation has been laid below the medicinal plant field at the company's headquarters in Nussbaum. At harvest time, a vast array of freshly picked regional organic vegetables is available for employees to take home.

A well-balanced work-life style is the basis for a healthy way of living. With about 60 flexible working hour models, the company supports its 200 employees in arranging their work around their private needs, as far as possible, which is very important for working mothers, for example. Hevert thus aims to offer its employees the opportunity to optimally combine their private and professional life.

School vacations and preschool closures frequently present working parents with the challenge of organizing childcare. Participating in the “MoVe” project of the “Institut für Mittelstandsökonomie” (Inmit) at the University of Trier in 2013 afforded Hevert its first opportunity to initiate a school vacation program for employees’ children and grandchildren, and thereby help take the strain off parents and grandparents. MoVe stands for “Modulare Entwicklung von Konzepten und Lösungen für die Vereinbarkeit von Beruf und Familie in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen“ (“Modular Development of Concepts and Solutions for the Reconciliation of Work and Family in Small and Medium-Sized Companies”).

Building its own daycare center was the next step. With a nursery school teacher, the company is able to offer regular daycare and children’s programs throughout the year since 2014. A special feature of the childcare concept is a petting zoo. For the Hevert Daycare Center, the pharmaceutical company received the “Fair Family” seal of approval of the Verband kinderreicher Familien Deutschland e.V. (association of families with many children) as a model company for family friendliness. It offers an exciting environment, a feel-good atmosphere and space to play, rollick around, and make things. No limits are placed on creativity.

The Ministry of Economics (Wirtschaftsministerium), the Investitions- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB), and the Rhineland-Palatinate Chambers recognized the sum of all activities in the HR policy and the special commitment with the “Attractive Employer Rhineland-Palatinate” prize in December 2018.

Das Hevert-Kinderhaus: Ein Spielparadies für Kinder Das Hevert-Kinderhaus: Ein Spielparadies für Kinder
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