The Homeopathic Approach To Stress Relief

The term “stress” is widely used in everyday life. People say they are “stressed” or “stressed-out “ when delayed in traffic or when they are in a difficult relationship. A widely accepted model of stress involves the perception of a stimulus as a dangerous or threatening event that activates a set of physiological responses known as the “stress response.”

Stress often has an emotional source and relaxation has long been seen as an effective remedy for stress. Many individuals believe that, if they could just learn to relax, they would be healthier and happier. Without fundamental changes at the emotional level, relief from stress may be short-lived.

The response of the body ranges from restlessness to agitation, increased blood pressure and sleep disorders. Physical symptoms affecting the muscle tension, the heart rate or the digestive system are even frequently observed. The autonomic nervous system is not in balance and the resulting stress adversely impacts health and causes stress related illnesses.

Homeopathic medications have been shown in clinical trials to reduce stress. These trials have provided early evidence that homeopathic combination medicines containing Passiflora incarnate may improve sleep quality. (1) Improvement of sleep quality was associated with a normalized stress response when acutely stressed. Valerian officinalis has also been widely used to improve sleep quality and has been shown to reduce insomnia, particularly when it is linked to oxidative stress. (2)

Hevert Stress Relief, in addition to Passiflora incarnate and Valerian officinalis, contains other supporting homeopathic active ingredients including Cimicifuga racemosa, Cocculus indicus, Cypripedium pubescens, Ignatia amara, Lilium tigrinum, Platinum metallicum, and Zincum valerianicum. It is designed to help relieve the normal stress associated with everyday life. Homeopathic remedies are generally well tolerated and without side effects.


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