Muscle Aches and Pains

Muscle aches and pains caused by muscle strains and sprains, and acute inflammation is one of the most common complaints that bring patients to their healthcare providers. Ice, heat and topical Trauma gel, applied using a roll-on applicator, is a homeopathic remedy that can play a useful role in reducing pain and speeding recovery for a wide range of acute musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from minor muscle aches and pains to injuries that result in bruising, joint pain and acute inflammation.

Hevert Trauma Roll-on is a topical gel designed for local application of a complex homeopathic product containing Arnica montana 3X, Bellis perennis 1X, Calendula officinalis 1X, Hamamelis virginiana 1X, Hypericum perforatum 6X, Ruta graveolens 4X and Symphytum officinale 6X. The doses of these ingredients are very dilute and preparations such as these are used to treat conditions caused by overexertion or injury.

Each of these homeopathic ingredients have a long history of homeopathic use in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Arnica montana, for example, is one of the most popular homeopathic medicines throughout the world. It is commonly called “mountain daisy" and grows around the world in mountainous areas; and has been used traditionally to prepare topical remedies for relief of pain for hundreds of years. All of these ingredients have a role to play in reducing swelling, relieving pain and stimulating recovery.

No one plans to become injured and it often happens when we least expect it. Fast relief is important and why choosing Hevert Trauma Roll-on can help provide timely, uncomplicated relief with a user-friendly, roll-on applicator.


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