About us

The greatest wealth is health. For over 60 years now, Hevert has therefore dedicated itself to naturopathy and the development of natural medicines, and is one of the leading German manufacturers of homeopathic and herbal medicines, as well as high-dose micronutrient preparations.

Worldwide, Hevert is one of the ten most important manufacturers of homeopathic medicines. With more than 100 medicinal products, the company's extensive product portfolio has something for nearly every treatment area relevant to natural medicine. The focus of our product range is in the areas of psyche/sleep, colds, and vitamin deficiencies.

Founded in 1956 by Dorothea and Emil Hevert, Hevert-Arzneimittel is an independent family-run company. After being led by Dr. Wolfgang Hevert, the company is being run today by Marcus and Mathias Hevert, the third generation to do so.

Co-Managing Directors Mathias and Marcus Hevert with their sister and fellow shareholder, Sarah Hevert

The company's headquarters are located not far from the Rhine-Main region and Mainz in the small town of Nussbaum, near Bad Sobernheim, nestled in an idyllic side valley of the Nahe River.

As a family business in close touch with nature, Hevert-Arzneimittel is actively committed to naturopathy, environmental protection, sustainable business practices, and acting responsibly with respect to its employees and community.

The success of many of our homeopathic remedies such as Hevert Sinus Relief and Hevert Stress Relief is based on the Hevertoplex ranged developed by doctors and alternative health practitioners. Unlike homeopathic single remedies, complex remedies contain several homeopathically prepared active substances and are easy to use because they have a broad spectrum of action and are clearly tailored to individual indications. A large number of the formulas upon which Hevert medicines are based were created in collaboration with students of the famous Pastor Emanuel Felke, one of the pioneers of naturopathy and the co-founder of complex homeopathy. Felke practiced for many years in Bad Sobernheim, not far from Hevert’s current headquarters.

Company headquarters in Nussbaum

In addition to oral pharmaceutical forms, Hevert offers doctors and complementary medicine practitioners a wide range of solutions for injection, including high-dose B vitamins (e.g., Vitamin B12-Hevert plus Folsäure-Hevert (folic acid)) nerve tonics and homeopathic complex and single remedies (e.g., Lymphaden Hevert injekt).

Precision purchasing of drugs and contractually ensured cultivation combined with the most rigorous quality controls on incoming goods guarantee maximum purity and active substance content in Hevert’s herbal medicines and the processed homoeopathic mother tinctures.

Hevert Quality Control

The natural raw materials are tested at great expense for every relevant environmental pollutant such as heavy metals, pesticide residues and microbial contamination. A total of 15 employees work in Quality Control and Quality Assurance alone. To guarantee the quality of purchased raw materials and to maintain our knowledge of the processing of raw materials within the company, to a large extent Hevert itself processes fresh plants, drugs, and minerals into mother tinctures.

Traditional medicine meets modern production methods

Hevert medicinal products are manufactured, with a few exceptions, at the Nussbaum and Bad Sobernheim plants. The production equipment and the employees’ level of training are constantly maintained at a state-of-the-art level. The core competencies of the company are its 60-plus years of experience in the manufacturing of naturopathic medicines and therapies and our proven Hevert consultation service.

International Hevert packaging

For several years now, Hevert-Arzneimittel has been working on strengthening its presence in foreign markets. The company also distributes its products internationally under the brand name Hevert with the promise of "Made in Germany" quality and homeopathics from the homeland of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. True to the company's mission, "Hevert means health," the goal is to make the natural, low side-effect Hevert remedies available to therapists, pharmacies and patients worldwide.

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