Principles for leadership and teamwork at Hevert

Good leadership is an important prerequisite for motivation and successful teamwork. The following principles for leadership and teamwork are based on the Hevert mission statement and are key to its implementation. They are written from the perspective of management and form the basis of the understanding of leadership and management practices at Hevert. We, the management, understand that our role is to set an example. We are aware of this role and live it with regard to our mission statement and the following principles.

The following principles apply as a whole, and implementing individual points in isolation can lead to misunderstanding.

The principles in overview

  • Help
  • Engineer
  • Validate
  • Evolve
  • Respect
  • Trust

Detailed descriptions of the principles


Helping one another and the willingness of all to do so is important to us. This entails open and honest dialogue as a central building block. We offer help to our employees and are available as coaches. By providing constructive feedback and fair evaluations, we reward performance, jointly recognize the need for advancement and support our employees in their further development. We empower our employees to do their jobs successfully. Through our management culture, we create a friendly and at the same time inspiring and motivating work environment for the team and pay attention to a healthy work-life balance for each individual.


Leadership calls for decisions. . These decisions are made based on the Hevert mission statement, from which we derive the objectives of the company and the employees. We measure the success of decisions by reaching goals. We decide promptly and include our employees in the decision-making process. We have the courage to correct decisions if necessary. We jointly implement the decisions we make. As we do so, we define our priorities and bear the necessary consequences.


As managers, we promote transparency, comprehensive information, dialogue and joint decision-making and the understanding of each individual of our corporate objectives and actions. As managers, it is our job to mediate between individual and corporate interests. We actively listen to our employees, discuss problems openly and clear up conflicts with an aim to solving problems.


We in management are interested in our employees. . In the context of the company objectives, each employee is given the chance to use and develop his or her talents and abilities accordingly. We encourage a continuous learning process in order to improve products and processes in all areas of the company on an ongoing basis. We see the diversity of ideas and opinions as an opportunity and are open to new ideas and ready to do new things.
Creativity is the driver of innovation so we give our employees time and space to develop new ideas.


Appreciation, recognition and honesty are the basis for our teamwork. As managers, we respect each individual and help him or her to find meaning in his or her work. Each person is unique. For us this means that we allow diversity in thought and action, appreciate opinions and respect opposing positions. The recognition of the skills and abilities of our employees is a given for us. This also means that we leverage the strengths of each individual and work on areas where there is room for improvement.


We, as leaders, consider trust more important than control. We rely on the initiative of the staff and support independent work, decision-making and the development of ideas by transferring skills and responsibility to our employees. We foster the courage to get off the beaten path, take manageable risks and look at mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

Together we can do anything!

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