The manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

Hevert strives for the highest quality possible in the production of its extensive range of homeopathic and herbal medicines and vitamins.

Processing fresh plants in Nussbaum

Over 95 percent of Hevert's medicinal products are manufactured at our own highly modern production facilities in Bad Sobernheim and Nussbaum by highly qualified staff. In the processing of our medicinal products, we strive for a symbiosis of modern technology and traditional working methods, which today play a central role in the production of natural medicines.

Thus "manual potentization" is still being used in the production of liquid homeopathic medicines, along with a potentization system and state-of-the-art equipment for bottling liquids or for manufacturing ampoules. It is particularly important to regularly update the equipment used to manufacture these sterile medicinal products to the latest standards and to continually develop the know-how and qualifications of staff using it.

Raw materials in particular must meet very high standards during the production of herbal medicinal products (phytopharmaceuticals). The purity and content, in particular, of the active substances are continuously monitored by Quality Control.

Modern potentization system in production

For vitamin preparations as well, many varied requirements must be met in the manufacturing process. For instance, they must be processed under rigorously controlled conditions. Vitamins are often very sensitive to light or may react when they come into contact with oxygen and form ineffective decomposition products.

Our goal is to continue to combine the long tradition of homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medicinal products with the high quality standards of modern pharmaceutical production.

International mail order

Here you will find German pharmacies which also sell and deliver abroad.

International mail order

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